A Remorseful Tale of Repurpose, Repaint, Regret.. and Replace!!

It’s Thursday and I’m busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. Rebloggng this and crossing fingers I have more time later!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram – you all have a lot to answer for!

Oh and you all SUCK!!

I’m not one of Mother Nature’s natural decorators really. My idea of painting would appear to be to get as much on me and my clothes as possible and if there is any left over slap it on the walls for good measure. I enjoy it though – so what the hell if I use three cans where one would do?! The REAL expense involved in decorating for me is all the bloody bubble bath and hot water I get through!

I bought a mahoghany color (pretty damn sure it wasn’t real mahogany for $20) china cabinet on Ebay. I believed all the hype that any dummy could upcycle and planned on titivating the flipping thing “a la Pinterest etc” The project was painting it with an off white semi gloss…

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9 thoughts on “A Remorseful Tale of Repurpose, Repaint, Regret.. and Replace!!

  1. Ha! I tend to wear more paint than the object of my efforts as well… but I have yet to try and answer a hand mixer or an iron. It makes me fear the ringing phone when you’re carving the Thanksgiving turkey. I just don’t see any scenario where that ends well….

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  2. my husband won’t let me do any painting as he says its not good enough!!!! so we get the professionals in. I tell you, I may not keep in the lines when painting on the walls very well but I feel I do a grand job, going to try and paint the bathroom cabinets, have told him not worth having a decorator in for just a small job so we shall see how much gets on the cupboards and how much gets on the floor, toilet, sink etc. (LOL), I always like the idea of upcycle tho, did you use the purple? that is a nice colour

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