..And she’s off!!

First leg of my journey starts when I finish my Coke Zero! I’m driving about 5ish hours to Poughkeepsie ready for my flight to Ireland tomorrow night! ‘im indoors wanted me to rest before the flight because he says I’m doing too much with my knackered shoulder and everything else.

I Wear the poxy sling when he’s around so how does he know?! Probably because I’ve made bread and cakes every day this week come to think of it. Next time I’ll eat the evidence faster!

Ill post as often as I can over the next two weeks and I’ll be watching so no slacking, I need entertaining please!

55 thoughts on “..And she’s off!!

  1. Have a safe trip and hopefully we will be seeing lots of pictures from over there! I’m in NY too, five miles from Lake Ontario! We have a big storm coming today so hopefully it doesn’t mess up your flight out! Hopefully there isn’t snow on the ground when you get back!😂

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  2. You are on the way this side of the Atlantic! Yeh! Is it your wedding anniversary…I think I saw Rory saying it was a seven year anniversary…..(I have been speed reading scores of posts so I hope I am not getting my wires crossed!)
    Anyhows….congratulations if it is your wedding anniversary…eat as much cake as you can! Safe journey to the emerald isle.
    Look forward to your posts from Ireland!

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