If it’s Monday it must be Dublin..

I’m here safe and sound in Galway having just shovelled as much tea and soda bread down my neck as humanly possible! We’re heading across country to Dublin shortly and then flying to Tenerife tomorrow. So far it’s been Saturday in New York, Sunday in Galway, Monday in Dublin and Tuesday in Tenerife. I don’t know how Phileas Fogg did it but that bugger must’ve been on drugs! He can kiss my Passepartout sheesh!

Anyway, we’re crossing Ireland coast to coast. The opportunities for totally annihilating the entente cordiale are endless.

Keep your fingers crossed!

34 thoughts on “If it’s Monday it must be Dublin..

  1. wow, you have been a busy bee with travelling recently, didn’t you do that long car drive recently? now you are in Ireland, how lovely, have never been there have a lovely time and then off to Tenerife am jealous, enjoy safe journeys

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