Headin’ home..

So the day has come already. I’ll be leaving Ireland to fly home to NY. I’ve missed home all the time I’ve been here and I’ll miss here the minute I go. It’s always a worry leaving an older parent because.. you know. It’s been a lovely two weeks, both here and in Tenerife and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it.

I have a few hours more of windy cold and wet West of Ireland before I head home on Norwegian to a balmy 80 degree day in NY and a five hour plus drive. I can’t recommend Norwegian enough. I’ve had absolutely great experiences with them on my three trips with them so far.

I shall be home, sat on my sofa with Coke Zero, a farting beagle, a chupacapra and two fat cats about 24 hours from now, over half of which will be spent travelling!

Have a wonderful day everyone, I’ll see you when I leave the West and fly North and then South to the East! Is it any wonder I’m confused?!

33 thoughts on “Headin’ home..

  1. I don’t think anyone can truly understand the complexities of calling two countries home unless they have been in that situation. Leaving the parent thing, dang it is hard. Glad you had a good trip though. I enjoyed your posts

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