Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

… but falling apart is dead easy!!

It’s been a funny couple of weeks. I had a headache the day after I flew home from Ireland which I put down to jet lag after a long flight and then an equally long drive home.

Literally!! Six and a half hours on the plane, seven hours driving home from the airport.

I wasn’t overly bothered at first, it wasn’t constant. Pretty much only when I moved but it started getting worse and worse. If I was just sat still on the sofa I was fine. I was fine laid down – but if I got up to get a drink or go to the loo I was blindsided with pain. It was crippling, it felt like the inside and outside of my head we’re going in different directions – kind of like a hangover without the fun!

I decided to see how I went over the weekend and if it didn’t go I’d see the doctor. I tried every med I had, migraine meds, muscle relaxants the lot – nothing worked.

So I called the doctor who sent me straight to ER. IV fluids (I wasn’t dehydrated, I was drinking fluids continuously) and some pain med that actually did help. I had a CT scan but refused an MRI because it’ll have to be an open one.

They made appointments for me to see a neurologist at another hospital because I refused to see theirs. He’s bloody useless. He tried recommending amitriptyline for cluster headaches last time I saw him. Just so you know, that hasn’t been a recommenced med for CH in over 20 years because it’s FN useless. He also said – women don’t get cluster headaches! I know! I don’t know how I let him live either! Needless to say, I have no faith in him.

I also had an appointment with an Opthamologist because of my visual disturbances. These have actually been going on for a couple of months but I hadn’t been able to schedule an eye exam before I went away.

The muscles supporting my eyeballs aren’t doing their job properly. I have to be retested next week but again, she wants a neurologist to check it out to make sure there’s no tumours or anything causing the problems. I’ve got eye drops and patches in the meantime and I should hear about the neuro appt this week.

I’m trying to limit online time so I haven’t posted as much but I’m not going anywhere so I shall try better!

95 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

  1. Sorry to hear your headaches haven’t abated, Britchy. But I hope the (new) non-quacky neurologist is able to deduce the issues AND that it’s nothing serious. Sending ya positive vibes!!! ❤️❤️

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    1. Over the years I’ve become a very strong advocate for both myself and others. I love my primary care doctor because she’s blunt. I love my physiotherapist for the same reason and I really liked the eye doctor because she was so straight up. She didn’t talk in euphemisms and that’s how I like it!

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      1. Ha!! A few months ago I was having a really, really bad day, but luckily enough I just happened to come across a drive through Krispy Creme donut shop! I think I ate about six – fan..bloomin’…tastic!!!

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  2. I expected you to have some answers by now. But then again, I should have been more realistic – it takes forever to get to know anything.
    I’ve been missing your posts a bit, but I suggest you rest up.
    Maybe your husband is not a good sight for sore eyes. Is that your elaborate prank/ divorce proposal?”I can’t stand looking at you. Literally.

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  3. Ooo I do hope you feel better quickly!! I had recurring headaches for a while and then had a chiropractic adjustment and poof! All gone! Have you tried that? Lol

    And omg I’m surprised you let him live too!! I fainted once at work and was sent to the hospital and I described to the doctor what happened leading up to the fainting (stomach cramp, dizziness, waking up on the floor) and he told me that because I’m a woman, I must be on my cycle and the cramp caused me to pass out. Like um noo…???

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    1. I’d have killed him.
      This twat asked me who diagnosed me so I told him. The neuro I mentioned is actually considered one of the world leading experts in headache. The twat huffed and said he’d never heard of him. I sent a letter to the CEO of the hospital stating this and enclosing articles in the Lancet, British Medical Journal and American Headache Associations literature by the said Professor both written by him and about him and his research… I expect that went down like the Titanic!

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      1. I hate when doctors get like that! Especially male doctors with female patients. My mom had undiagnosed post partum because her doctor just told her she was sad and basically to just suck it up.

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  4. Darn, Britchy! When I hadn’t heard anymore about this, I’d hoped it had passed. So sorry its been so rotten for you. Hugs & 💗’s
    Episodic cluster headache was present in 75% of women and 77% of men. … Women develop the disorder at an earlier age of onset and experience more “migrainous symptoms” with cluster headache, especially vomiting. Both men and women have frequent photophobia and phonophobia with cluster headache attacks.
    Cluster headache in women: clinical characteristics and comparison …
    Maybe someone should pass this info to that F-tard. Wanker!

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    1. I used to be on the Board of Directors of a headache charity. I was the representative at both the World Headache Alliance and The European Cluster Headache Association. I bet I’ve attended more AHA conferences alone than that dicksplat lol.

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  5. I wanted to throw something at that doctor!!! I often wonder about health professionals who aren’t. I wanted a lady gynecologist and the one I got treated me like I was 14. (I was almost 50) I found a male who has an office full of star wars Boba Fett collectibles. He’s much nicer.
    Sending healing thoughts your way and hoping you get many kind little monsters who don’t whine too much!

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  6. I’m so sorry, that sounds perfectly awful. But not as awful as that useless doctor. How the hell is he still practicing?
    Or more importantly, how has no woman killed him?
    Hope you can find the cause and some relief soon…

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  7. Jeees, sounds painful, not to mention pretty scary! You have greater restraint than I, I wouldn’t have let him live. “Women don’t get cluster headaches” – sounds like you had the neurologist I saw previously! The f*cking ignorance & arrogance, grrr!!! I hope you get your appt for neurology soon so they can check everything out asap. Sending hugs xxxx

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  8. I can’t believe that idiot doc wanted to prescribe you an old, tricyclic antidepressant. I was on nortriptyline for 20+ years. You know what you get from tricyclics? Arrhythmias…permanent ones. I know.

    I have an uncle that was prescribed amitriptyline for pain resulting from a root canal that went septic & damaged a nerve. Didn’t touch it.

    Tricyclics are BAD news. Idiot.

    Feel better. 🤗❤

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  9. It feels wrong to put a “Like” on this post. I don’t like hearing that you are suffering. I hope you’ll get proper medical answers and solutions to help you heal quickly. Meanwhile, try to take some time to rest well. Sending a huge hug.

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  10. OMGosh Britchy, I’ve not been reading any blogs in the leadup to Armistice here in NZ. I’m involved in big commemorations in our region. I really hope that you have some positive news by now. Thinking of you.


  11. Try keep well. Sometimes I find I have headaches that last for days, then I catch myself getting all tensed up because my headaches are so bad and so it continues. No idea what causes them, I’ve never gone for any investigations.

    I hope you get to the bottom of this. HUGS.

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