Whistle While You Work..

Facebook just got me in trouble. I hope you’re happy now Mark bloody Zuckerberg. Next time your going to steal an idea from the Winkytosser twins think of the innocent victims.. like me.

One of my friends posted this:

Naturally it made me think and I thought ‘I wonder if I can still whistle’ … I did not think about timing or warning anyone or any of that other sensible, age appropriate, sandal wearing colon cleansing grown up stuff. Me? Yeah. Exactly. I put my forefinger and my thumb in my mouth and let out an ear-piercing whistle.

On the down side, ‘im indoors shot up and knocked his laptop on the floor. Much profanity ensued. I think colon cleansing may have initiated too so yay me. Ever the multi tasker!

On the plus side, yes I can still whistle. Also noted, there isn’t a deaf or mute dog within a mile. Rumours of a warning siren in upstate NY are also greatly exaggerated. Fake news – at it again 🙄

On the plus, plus side – I’m being ignored!

28 thoughts on “Whistle While You Work..

  1. I quit FB years ago. I haven’t regretted it. Not in contact with nearly so many people, but considering my hermit ways, I’m ok with that 🙂

    And on the plus side for you, now you know you can always get a taxi 😀

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    1. As a female, I’ve never had a problem getting a taxi ahead of males! I have a separate email for fb to keep nosey employers away but it’s how I stay in touch with friends and family overseas. I’m not a fan but kind of see it as a necessary evil

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  2. Hahaha I heard your whistle and thought the tornado siren was going off!😂😂

    I’ve never had a FB account! It just sounded like too much added stress plus I was very naughty years ago and much of my past needs to stay there!😁

    Have a great weekend! Supposed to be very cold!😭 I’m hoping the wind gusts blow all of our leaves over to the neighbor’s yard!😂😂 I’m not a fan of raking!💕

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  3. Yeah. I’ve got “the whistle” too. Use it enough to know it’s there, but not enough to remember to warn owners of nearby ears. They’re never happy. Even if it’s their team I’m whistling for.

    You have a way of capturing a scene.

    Chaos with you is like Pig-Pen’s blanket: it trails you everywhere. Well told.

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  4. BWAHAHHAHAHHAAA!!! Your ‘joy’ has spread, because all the laughing out loud has woken the two chihuahuas in this house and they’ve come to investigate…discovering in the process that I was sneakily eating a Midnight Milky Way bar ….. yeah. Thanks a LOT Mark. And I’ve never been able to whistle by putting my fingers in my mouth, but I can whistle (loudly too) by pursing my lips up (aka Lauren Bacall or Mae West….)

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  5. Great! Read the post and had to give it a go. While layingbon the couch, I place thumb and forefinger into my mouth and repetitively blew to no avail and not honestly surprised that I can’t whistle…never could. To call the kids in for the night, I opened the door and yelled WHOO WHOO! similar to a whistle. The kids call it the “momma call” and have taught it the grandkids. The tradition lives!
    Suddenly, both sleeping great danes jet to their feet in a mad rush, dog pile me, smooshing my face in 300 lbs of dog!
    Apparently I can whistle but only a whistle that dogs can hear!
    Dog whistle!

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  6. You should have come with a warning label, stamped on your forehead. Heh.

    My dad can whistle thru his teeth and shatter glass. His two front teeth protrude just slightly and he could also mimic the gopher on Winnie the Pooh, perfectly.

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