In Honour Of Those Who Sit And Wait.

To anyone who has fought for my freedom, I thank you. Your sacrifices have given me the freedom to be me and I don’t – and will never forget that.

Some have given time, others have lost limbs. Too many have lost lives. All are changed and I can’t begin to convey the respect I have for you. A simple thank you just doesn’t seem enough but it’s very heartfelt.

Its important to me to thank our “other” Veterans today.

The forgotten heroes, the unknown.

The Spouses, Children, Parents and Siblings of those who serve and who have fallen.

Those who have given up family time, important milestones, companionship and all the other things we take for granted in our daily lives.

You cope with obstacles we don’t even consider. Loneliness, fear, being a single parent whilst trying to co parent. Dealing with the never ending normalising of a tumultuous life. Not only do you have to fly solo while your other half is deployed, you have to act like they’ve just gone to the store when they come home.

You have to reintroduce them seamlessly to family life and make it seem like they hit the ground running to everyone else. You have to learn to cook and braid hair, change a wheel and fix a leaky tap. You have to do it all AND revert to being part of a couple at a moments notice.

Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t the done deal most of us take for granted. Birthdays are often spent alone and just the lack of someone to hug sometimes or have hug you. Someone to say ‘it’ll be okay, you got this’. You don’t have anything you can take for granted.

I’m in awe of your fortitude. Your stoicness, your humor and your courage. You amaze me.

Thank you for your sacrifices.

25 thoughts on “In Honour Of Those Who Sit And Wait.

      1. I just read what I wrote and I think I should clarify – I do not agree with a lot of BC’s views, which obviously he’s entitled to, but I do find his take intriguing. I think it’s all a matter of perspective.

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  1. I hope many can embrace your sentiment. As a vet, I certainly embrace it. Too often, the bad news is ALL we hear, the bad people, the crazy ones. We need a voice of sanity. And, we could really use more good news. As you stated, so many died or were victimized in the name of this country so that we could have news, even if much is bad. The ability to speak out, even when incorrect, we still have the right. Thank you for your continued respective on your adopted country. You see things so much more accurately than some in our education system today. For any that do not understand Veteran’s day, spend an hour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or 15 minutes in Arlington Cemetary. Very likely, None of these people wanted to die, but they did for a bigger cause than themselves. They died so others could live in peace.

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