Walmart Dating. Or Not..

My life has just reached a new low – I was chatted up in Walmart *sigh*

“Hunka-hunka-burninlurve” INSISTED he knew me, he said he must have gone to school with me (Errrr NO!)

Was I friends with X,Y or Z? NOPE!!

Persistent little shitpot – then he said “Maybe I come in to where you work..”

I said “Actually you probably do”

So he asked where I worked..

“I’m a nurse at the sexually transmitted disease clinic”

Evil wins again

And for a little smirk, here’s Daisy being chased by my slippers

55 thoughts on “Walmart Dating. Or Not..

    1. He was really slimy. I was seconds away from trying to find a manager because he was such a creep. I did make sure he was no where in sight when I went to my car. I was scared to be honest but he certainly didn’t know that

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      1. Lol!! Some people aren’t smart lol!! I do relate with the “reasons to date me” meme! My wife never regretted those reasons!

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  1. That means you still got it Britchy! On the other hand, I’ve developed a tactic for dealing with unwanted attention. I simply look them in the eye and say absolutely nothing. At first they are usually bewildered, they will try to shake me by saying something, but I hold my gaze and I think they either lose interest or decide whatever they are trying with me is not worth it anymore.

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    1. I’ve done that too but sometimes my inner smartass just has to
      play. I worked in a prison and based in a barracks, I’m well able to crush people verbally – you couldn’t work in those environments if you couldn’t dish it out

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    1. You’re exactly right. I’ve been threatened and I usually stick my chin out and do the mad eyes thing and say come on then, but you better make damn sure I stay down. It’s exactly as you say, if you challenge people they back off. I’m very protective of my own skin though so I don’t get myself in situations I can’t get out of

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  2. Good Lord. Walmartians.

    I’ve never been approached there but, I have had a couple guys get WAY too friendly when I was DL Examiner. One was young enough to be my son & found me on FB. He sends me a message request & when I opened it, it was a pic of his “willie”. 🙄

    The next one looked like Tim Curry…if he was 75, forgot to cut his hair & gained 200lbs. He gives me a hand drawn Christmas Card and wants someone “to be sweet to”. I see him occasionally at the local market…and he stares. OY.

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  3. Human 1 – Slimy Eeky Monsters 0

    Slippers are great. I remember the days of working in Dorthy Perkins and the slipper season would start and then the madness truly began! Usually from the staff!

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  4. BWAHAHAHAHHA!!! I wish I’d have known you ‘back in the day’. I would have used that line on the persistent drunk at a local club that kept staggering past my table and trying to get me to ‘jes’ dance wit me. C’mon you know you wanna…” while he blew beer breath in my face. Despite my flashing my wedding ring in his face all four times he tried it on. I finally (evilly) sicced him on some innocent woman standing near the stage (I’d gone to hear a friend play bass in the band he was with) and told drunk man that she had mentioned she thought he was sexy…he was off like a shot and I think her boyfriend clocked him in the puss. Whatever. He didn’t bother ME any more, so mission accomplished. There’s another line that is sometimes used to ward off persistent hitters like yours: Where do you work? Local police station. …

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  5. I can always count on you for laughs. Oh and I am nominating you for the Versatile bloggers award. I still need to write up and post, hopefully later today, to be posted hopefully this weekend. Love how your personality comes out in these post. I bet you can get a whole room laughing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. I feel your pain. I stock overnight at Walmart. One morning, running behind, a guy comes up. He starts asking stupid questions, takes off his hat to shows me that he’s losing his hair, asks if I have children, and finally gets around to asking if I’m married. Finally. (I should mention I’m on a ladder the whole time.) Walmart attracts them all.


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