Day 15 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

Today’s prompt on the 30 day song challenge is ‘A song you like that’s a cover by another artist’

There are a lot of covers I love, Disturbed and Sound Of Silence, UB40 and Red Red Wine, Fine Young Cannibals and Suspicious Minds.. I was getting bogged down so I went with the first thought that came into my head when I thought of ‘covers’

One of the things I truly love about America isn’t just that the Anthem is played everywhere. Its PARTICIPATED in. I’ve never seen anywhere else this happens as much. I’ve heard God Save the Queen sung with fervour in front of the Palace but I’ve only ever heard it played at other things. F1 is a sport where I’ve heard so many European anthems played and ignored, talked through… endured / but not participated in.

I love how Americans stand to attention, put their hand over their heart and stand proud while they sing along. I try but I get overly emotional. I can’t hear the Star Spangled Banner without tears running down my cheeks. I love it. Here are three fabulous versions. Whitney’s is just do joyful. I love it. Lady Gaga did a really great presentation too but not as exuberant as my beloved Whitney and as for little Malea.. this is incredible! I’m not saying anymore because I want you to see instead.

The Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston

Lady Gaga


16 thoughts on “Day 15 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

    1. It means when someone sings a song originally recorded by someone else. An example would be Whitney Houston singing I will always love you which was originally recorded by Dolly Parton 😊
      … yes I snuck in another song there and I love both ladies singing it!


  1. Ooo nice choice! I wouldn’t have even thought of using the national anthem!

    As for “God Save the Queen” we sing it up here in Canada hehe mostly just at Remembrance Day though…

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  2. I like the American National anthem, but I thought you were talking about the song ‘America, the Beautiful’. That one is MY song. Mum chose my first name, but didn’t have a middle one. The song was on the piano and she started to play and sing it and poof. Amber waves of grain rolled past her fingers and there it was. Amber. :o)
    I love how people sing God Bless America in the 7th inning of baseball games, too-

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