Bah Humbug!!

Dear Walmart,

You assholes.

Can we get Christmas and New Year over before we start on flippin’ St Valentine’s Day?

God forbid you miss a sale you fat, lard-arsed, money-grabbing wankers



41 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!!

  1. Yeah, where I am, in the shops, right after new year, they are selling school stuff (even when it is still a few weeks before the school holidays are over). We get easter and christmas stuff being sold early – once, we saw a magazine that was selling christmas stuff about 6 months before christmas!

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  2. The reason they do that is to avoid storing any seasonal merchandise. Each store has a seasonal section on the sales floor. Merchandise is unloaded from the trucks directly to the sales floor. Saves man hours and valuable space in the back storage area, saves payroll for staff to move it from the back to the front later, saves inevitable damage losses that occur each time the merchandise is moved and keeps seasonal shelves filled. Some people will buy early, lose or eat their purchases and buy again later creating “double sells” too. Yep, all about the money both the savings and the sales.

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