Update On My Low Hanging Balls..

I just heard from the eyeball neuro. No brain tumour but she needs to look at the aneurysm thing in greater detail. My thinking is if it doesn’t have a flashing neon sign saying ‘aneurysm this way’ – I ain’t concerned!!

It showed up that I have a very deep seated sinus infection which she’s surprised I’m not complaining about more! She said I’m obviously very tolerant of pain… I’m married ..DUH!!!

There is paralysis of nerves around the eye socket that ‘we have to discuss options for and she wants to retest my eyes to see if I can just have prism lenses for now or if I need surgery on my eyeballs sooner rather than later. You know me, I’ll be pushing surgery out as far as I can!

She said the tests are borderline for myasthenia gravis so I have to start taking meds for that too. I have no idea what myasthenia gravis even is. It sounds like a Motown singer though!

My next appointment is scheduled for 6th March but she will call again if she sees anything more on the scans once she’s had a closer look and once the headache neuro has had a look too.

So that’s all good! I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t have these brain scan cds years ago. Do you want to come up and see my circle of Willis would have been an awesome chat up line!!

The photo is ice on the cliffs on the New York Thruway near New Amsterdam earlier today.

86 thoughts on “Update On My Low Hanging Balls..

  1. If there is an aneurysm they generally won’t do anything unless it is a certain size because the risk of removing a small one is greater than the chances it will do any harm. Does the sinus infection or myasthenia gravis explain your symptoms? Hoping the treatments will help.

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    1. The sinus infection doesn’t explain anything symptom wise, the myasthenia gravis could have been a one stop shop except some of it just doesn’t tie to that so it’s kind of a fish and chips diagnosis. It fits with the other stuff but neither one is the whole meal by itself! I thought I’d give it a food allegory for you!

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  2. I used to suffer from severe sinus issues growing up and took powerful meds in high school when we were living in NJ in a densely rural area. Most of my issues were resolved once we moved back to Virginia but over the years have had chronic sinus infections. I’m currently suffering from tinnitus that my doctor thinks is related to my sinuses (just started a few weeks ago). I used to have horrible headaches the entire time I lived in NJ. I was treated only after an inner ear infection stemming from my sinus issues temporarily deadened the left side of my face.

    Saying all this because I know what hell sinus issues can wreak. It wouldn’t surprise me if all paths lead back to those infernal canals. If so, it’s a whole lot easier to treat! Hoping this all gets resolved without messing with your precious brain.

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  3. I’m glad everything is ok. Hope your other appointments go well. I have a favor to ask, I just had my website redone and I’m worried that I lost my followers. When you have a minute, can you check to make sure you are seeing my posts? You might have to follow again. Thanks, Carolyn

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  4. Oh Britchy,
    Don’t push off anything concerning a possible aneurysm. The mere word just terrifies me. My sweet aunt died at 32 from an aneurysm. I waved at our maintenance man as he enter his apt at lunch one day. He said he had a bad headache and was going to lay down during his break. He never woke up. It’s a fearsome word that I don’t want to hear connected to you at all.

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  5. Goodness. Some questions answered. New questions created. I read up on the myasthenia gravis. I sure as hell hope you don’t have that.

    Deep seated sinus infection… It takes an MRI to find a sinus infection? I thought sinus infections were obvious but, that’s just me. I guess they can cause migraines?

    Aneurysm is a bad word, too. Please keep us posted.

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    1. I’ve had sinusitis and I was very aware of that! Whatever infection this is, it’s not causing pain. I haven’t even got a blocked nose or anything but my husband had already pointed that out on the scan images anyway.
      Doctors are such negative nellies. I’m concentrating on the positive. I can now PROVE I have a brain and I can throw ‘Circle of Willis’ into conversations and not get arrested!


  6. We are exactly opposite. I will bitch and complain about everything but never see a professional about it. I’m notorious for riding things out- frankly, I’m shocked I’m not dead.
    On a serious note- sending good thoughts your way!

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    1. Honestly, I went to the doctor because I had to. I hurt my neck last January. It took me until June to see a doctor and find out I’d fractured it! I’m firmly of the ‘lets see how I feel in a week’ school!


  7. Good news, Motown singer is about right, Dad had that and it affected his voice to such a degree that he sounded like a crooner from the 70’s. I am breaking new glasses in, and when l read this .. “deep seated sinus infection” And l thought good grief that is just horrible how on earth can you even sit?


  8. Oh no, Brichy!!! 😥😭😢 I have not been on the blog for a while, and then I come back to find this sad news. Hope you are okay. Sending bafflingly huge and slightly inappropriate hugs your way, with much love. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family 😥 but much respect that you continue to wrap life and its hardships up with a sprinkle of humour. 💜💜💜 hope you get some good news very soon! Thinking of you.

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  9. Your Motown singer causing skeletal muscle weakness. Is the treatment a vocal coach? I’ve no idea what the treatment for that condition is actually, but I hope it does the trick to keep things level. As for the deep sinus infection, good job they spotted that as I’m sure that’s doing you no bloody favours. Heck, you don’t do things by half! Glad you’ve got some answers and ongoing appointments to sort through all of this..xx

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  10. Oh my gosh, you’re 100% correct: it does sound like a Motown singer! That’s hysterical! I’m glad there’s no tumor, and I hope all goes well with your eyes!!! And, also the sinus infection, those are no good either.

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  11. Yikes! Years ago, I had a sinus infection like that. After 3 10-day courses of increasingly strong antibiotics, my doctor said, “Golly, that’s really socked in there! Let’s try one more thing, and if that doesn’t work, we may need to admit you for some IV antibiotics.” Fortunately, the 4th course did the trick. Good luck, Britchy!

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  12. Sorry to hear about everything you are going through. Hoping this all gets resolved without further consequences. By the way, that you manage to retain your sense of humor in such circumstances is remarkable and inspiring.

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  13. Missing you so much Britchy!!! ❤
    I am guessing the situation with your eyes is limiting you at the moment.
    Loads of love from London – we had summer last week and now it is back to normal pouring down rain cats, dogs, and even goats and small horses. The rain even broke my umbrella!

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