Sneakin’ in the back Door..

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the hiatus, it was much needed. I had a plate full of stress with health worries, migraines out the wazoo and not being allowed migraine meds. Worries about MRIs etc and family issues and then the straw that broke the camels back – the resurgence of Doolally Doris, the ugliest cyber stalker on two continents (probably the smelliest too because she must be a knicker piddler because she spends too much time online to take bathroom breaks! Dirty ho!

Trans world harassment is a whole new world of loopholes for the batshit crazy to hula hoop through it seems.

The one thing I could control was how much time I spent online and directly related to that, how much attention I gave Little Miss Ammonia.

Anyway, I will be blogging more again! I’ve missed you all very much but I just needed to take something off my plate while I caught my breath.

It’s only fair to warn you though, there’s no newer, nicer me. Ahh iz whut Ahh iz – and good behavior is no part of that!

92 thoughts on “Sneakin’ in the back Door..

  1. And, I was just mentioning your blog to a new blogger on the block. Everyone needs a sabbatical. Welcome back, sweetheart.

    Doris the Dirty-Ho cyber-stalker sounds like she needs to get a life. Moderate your comments if she is in the blogosphere. I WAS holding off the Russians at the gate. Now, I think a Yahoo! bot is after me.

    Have the migraines eased off? Why no meds?

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  2. I was wondering where you’d got off to, dear. I went away a while me self. Bugger off to the slimy stalker and the migraines, too! (Okay, that’s a poor imitation, but lovingly meant.). Welcome back!!

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  3. Missed you!! We all need to take a little break from time to time.
    My ex’s new girlfriend is a psychc**t. I don’t really use that word, but sometimes it just applies. She and my ex deserve each other. I just wish she’d leave me out of it!
    May the Force be with you🙏💌💌💌

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  4. So you couldn’t block or ban or whatever the correct procedure IS for ridding oneself of pee smelling wastes of time, space and skin? I’m so sorry. And if one is having a particularly stressful patch, having piddlers show up would annoy the strongest of us. Glad to see you back and bitchy! 😛

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      1. None of my pie, but what’s her problem? If it’s on one particular social media site, you can report her and any pseudonyms she comes up with, HOWEVER I personally think just ignoring them makes them go ‘way a whole lot faster. Even if you inadvertently open the leaky urine bag’s message or comment or whatever. Say! I know that WordPress allows one to screen the comments on each of their posts and approve or deny…it’s a pain in the ass, but isn’t that what ol’ pee smell is doing anyway – causing you a pain in the neck, but lower?

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      2. It’s a long and pathetic story. She’s followed me around Facebook, linked in – tons of places. She’s made friends with people who were my friends and befriended me (on her fake accounts ) that way. She’s even made fake accounts of me and added my family and a fake account of one of my family members!


  5. In my experience there isn’t much you can actually do about a cyber stalker. I have one of those annoying critters too. I relocate once in a while so he has to work a bit harder but in general I just ignore him.

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  6. Taking a breather is so important to save your getting hugely overwhelmed at burnt out. Cyber stalker sounds like they have a boring, pathetic life, even watching paint dry would surely be more entertaining than spouting shit at others online. Sorry you’ve had to deal with that, you shouldn’t have to.
    Give your noggin some much-deserved rest this weekend and unplug if you can xxxx

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