On Memorial Day

Memorial Day

We drove past Vassar today which was a mistake. It’s Commencement today. You know what that means? Chaos!!

Lots of entitled twits in cars trying to back into traffic without looking because the nasty campus security wouldn’t let them drive into the handicapped parking area without a tag. There was an astronomical amount of profanity. Who knew you could get a degree in Cursing?! I should have a doctorate I’m telling you!

I rolled my eyes at their antics and commented that it was a pretty sad way to begin a day they were supposed to remember (and pay for!) for the rest of their lives.

It also made me a little sad that they hijacked Memorial Day.

I can pretty much guarantee few if any of the attendees will spare a thought for those who died for their freedom.

If you’ve followed me you probably know the esteem in which I hold those who serve and have served.

I think Memorial Day should, without exception be a day we celebrate. Gathering with friends and family and sharing food, fun and laughter. There is no better way to honor the fallen than by living the best life we can.

Enjoy today. Live every minute of it and make golden memories to treasure. Don’t forget to take a minute though and raise a glass to the fallen friends we never met.

There’s a song I love that never fails to make me cry.

All gave some, Some gave all

Some stood through for the red, white and blue

And some had to fall

And if you ever think of me

Think of all your liberties and recall

Some Gave All

20 thoughts on “On Memorial Day

  1. Memorial Day has turned into the official kick off weekend to summer. BBQ’s, parties, drinking. And while lord knows I’m not against drinking, let’s all take a little time and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free and enjoy those parties…

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    1. All it takes is a simple toast. I’m pretty sure those who went before us would want us to party. I’m damn sure they wouldn’t want us weeping and wailing wearing sackcloth and ashes but a small acknowledgement wouldn’t go amiss.

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  2. Hubby was a Vietnam Vet. And although he didn’t die over there at the time, that war still killed him. So many veterans come home (which conflict isn’t important) with ugly memories, PTSD, health problems, addictions and are ill for the rest of their lives. When do you suppose we’ll EVER learn (or will we at all) that war solves nothing? I am grateful for what soldiers give, not just in protecting us, but the toll it takes on their bodies and minds. There’s a meme floating around that says “Memorial Day isn’t Long Weekend and BBQ Day” or something to that effect. I do believe that’s going up on my FB page tomorrow. Because so many treat this important date as just that..an excuse for a party.

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  3. Lovely post, dear. My VN vet came back in one piece but, has issues.

    Memorial Day has turned into “it’s the beginning of summer” with people flooding the beaches. Many folks just see it as a Monday off from work.

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