What A Palaver!

So this was an educational weekend. We got a lot of gardening done but the kitchen progress stalled because Home Depot cut the kitchen counter tops incorrectly. I did suggest ‘im indoors measured them before accepting them but What Do I Know. I Am A Mere Woman And Shouldn’t Trouble My Pretty Little Head With Manly Shittery… or something like that.

Pointing out that I was the one with the brain scans thus proving I had a brain when everything went tits up was deemed Not Helpful.

Suggestions that he should maybe consider an MRI and then he could have bright ideas too was met with Very Dark Looks And Muttering.

Holding up my phone with a picture of my beloved Cat George and making ‘whoosh whoosh’ noises while scanning him met with out and out profanity.

You really can’t help some people y’know..

It would seem that I am invited to stay home the next time the brute squad goes to Poughkeepsie in two weeks to work on the house. RESULT!! Me, my books and silence. Can it get any better folks?!

We didn’t have telly or internet so we had to entertain ourselves by just doing old school stuff like talking. Thmellyarthe and I were fine but ‘im indoors was struggling without his 99763rd viewing of TBBT. That show may have just ended but it has eternal life in our house damnit.

We had a lovely discussion about which sharks would and wouldn’t eat you. I don’t think they believed that you don’t get sharks in New York (excepting Albany) They weren’t impressed with my statement that Sharks eat mostly Australians so if you don’t eat Vegemite you’ll be okay either.

Some people are hard to help.

And finally:

Travelling home yesterday was going to be a long 5 hour journey so I was whining about eating crap all day. ’im indoors made like the Pope and pontificated from on high that I should buy bananas to take in the car… Never mind that they’re high in sugar and give me the scutters! I snarkily told him exactly how he should process his bananas but on reflection I’m not entirely sure it’s anatomically possible…

60 thoughts on “What A Palaver!

  1. OMG! I nearly peed myself when I read that caption from what appears to be from Home Depot.
    Road trips are such a joy aren’t they? Not! I know in the past when I went on road trips I always packed a mix of stuff… to make sure we wouldn’t be living off junk food, and having to stop at every rest stop up the East coast. LOL!

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  2. If your marriage can survive a remodel job, it can survive anything.
    I can so relate. God forbid we, the fairer ( read, smarter) sex, challenge the male ego and make a suggestion… there will be a major meltdown. Especially when we’re proven right.

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      1. The fifth is the fifth amendment. Basically it allows you the right to shit up and not dig the hole deeper for yourself. The expression ‘I plead the fifth’ became famous after Col. Oliver North used the phrase during the Irangate scandal way back in the 80’s I think

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      1. I’m working on the scene in the story where you appear, but I need your help. When I recognize you, I say ‘you’re that famous stand-up comedian’. Would you give some funny response? Or…? What would you say in reply?

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