Things I Just Don’t Get..

Well in spite of being extraordinarily busy at work and working extra hours every day this week.. I still found time to ponder a load of crap. Obviously this means YOU now have to ponder it too! These are the things I think of when I’m hiding out in the bathroom because I’m over peopled!!

…How people who think the death penalty is barbaric but consider the recent euthanasia of a 17 year old girl in Holland ‘wonderful progress’

…How ANYONE could think Common Core Math was a good idea. For those of you who haven’t come across it,

…How the murder rate in the US is unacceptable but the abortion rate isn’t.

…How everyone spends Thanksgiving allegedly being grateful for what they have but barely let dinner finish before they’re running out to the sales to replace the stuff they’re not really all that grateful for and ignore the family they have for a sweet knock down deal on a new giant TV – now you can ignore them all year while you work overtime to make those payments!

…Cottage cheese. It looks like vomit. What are you guys thinking?! But a block of cheddar and stop with the pre-chewed food!

…How anyone can think Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are not the same person

47 thoughts on “Things I Just Don’t Get..

  1. Yes, I hate maths. But the long way of doing things with maths, compared to the old simple way of doing it, make me hate maths even more.

    I can’t stand cottage cheese. I don’t know how anyone can eat it. 🤢

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  2. The Right to Life.

    And I’m with you about Thanksgiving. Mrs B works at a big box store and she’s on the front lines and we see that line keep on edging back. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be another meaningless holiday like Labor day 😦

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  3. Okay, I’ll be brave and admit I like cottage cheese. If we call it “curds and whey” does that help? It’s not much different than the ricotta in lasagne.
    I’m pro-choice too, but I do agree that the midnight sales starting on Thanksgiving are ridiculous. 💌

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  4. Ugh!! Cottage cheese!! Just plain gross! I can’t get past the texture on my tongue!😱

    Miley and Justin is just too funny!!

    Totally agree about murder vs. Abortion!😢😢

    Great post Britchy! You always give us lots to think about!💗

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    1. Oops a daisy. Confusing myself big time with above comment I left just now…. It’s this cottage cheese fault.

      I meant to say that cottage cheese is nowhere near ricotta. I can eat ricotta, in a lasagna. But yuk, not cotton cheese.

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  5. 🙂 True that. Also find it hard to square certain person’s abhorrence of abortion with a pro capital punishment stance – human life is sacred and we have no right to take it – until it isn’t, and we do.
    On an even more serious note, pineapple on pizza…

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      1. Pineapple on pizza? 🤢


        FYI…you made me change my underwear over the common core math with the 2nd image. OMFG! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        I was reading about the teen last night. They said she wasn’t euthanized but, stopped eating & drinking?

        You know, I get abortion. I had to have one in 1993 due to a medication I was on that would cause severe birth defects. I was less than eight weeks (my periods were so regular, one miss and I KNEW). It was an AWFUL experience. What I don’t get is, if you are gonna have an abortion, why carry the child to near birth, THEN decide to abort? You want to spend time with it for nine months, THEN destroy it? What kind of sick individual does that? Better yet, give it to someone who might want a child. I’m at a f****** loss.

        BTW…I like cottage cheese. I wish it was made out of goat milk, tho… Just sayin’…🤔

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  6. I feel you on so many things! We’re so smart we’re stupid and so stupid we’re smart.. how does that happen?…

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  7. When common core math was introduced at our schools, the parents were invited to the school to learn about the new system. They gave a short explanation, then divided us into groups to solve problems. I came home and told my kids that if they wanted help from me, they needed to use the old math

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