Almighty Parenting!

I had an interesting conversation this week. About God.

Not something I talk about a lot. Religion – or belief, is one of ‘those subjects’. You know. The ones thar get people well and truly aerated.

This conversation was along the lines of ‘if there’s a God, why does bad stuff happen’. I had a (rare!) moment of clarity and this was what I came up with.

Parenting. You want the best for your kids but they go their own way regardless.

They can bring the greatest joy you’ve ever known and in the next minute, break your heart but you have to let them make their own decisions. Triumphs and disasters because that’s how they learn – or not as the case may be.

It’s bloody hard to sit back and watch your kids hurt themselves and self destruct. It’s soul destroying to see them hurt others.

You only ever wanted the best for them but you have to let them live their own lives. You have to let them make their own choices, good and bad. You can try to inspire them, lead them and teach them but if they won’t listen – you have to accept that.

The greatest gift we give our kids after unconditional love is free will. We let them hurt us but we forgive them. No matter what, they are ours. We may hate the ‘sin’ but as parents we still love them with all our heart.

Others can judge our kids, they have every right but the bond between us and them is endless and can’t be cut. They can walk away from us but we still love them. We never give up on them. They’re just ours.

It’s the same for God.

34 thoughts on “Almighty Parenting!

  1. I needed this reminder just now Britchy. I’ve had an absolute shite couple of months dealing with the underbelly of humanity, that take delight in causing pain to others. DH has particularly been at the pointy end of the stick.
    This and my daughter’s behaviour has really caused me to question where my God is in all this.
    Why do my children reject the wise and loving teachings they were brought up with? Shouldn’t I be seeing the fruit of my labours by now, that they are in their late 20’s?
    It’s Pentecost Sunday and I need the reminder that God is gracious and merciful, even when we are undeserving. He loves me in spite of my choices and behaviour. He paid a high price to demonstrate that.

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  2. It is so hard to watch my daughter spiral out of control. What’s worse is that I’ve tried to cushion her fall so much so that when I back away to let her deal with it herself, she’s so resentful. She won’t even talk to me for hours at a time.

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