Goodbye Chunks.

Today has been, ghastly.

Last week I took my Chunkeroo to the vet because he wasn’t eating and he had a lump on his jaw. ‘im indoors thought it was an abscess as fatty Chunkahula had had teeth out previously. The vet thought my Chunkzilla had a blocked salivary gland so the plan was to drain it last Thursday.

Well, Fatty Chunkbuckle was holding out on us, he had lymphoma not a blocked gland. We made the decision to not go with chemo or radiation but to just enjoy him for as long as he was happy and eating. Chunkapillar stopped eating on Sunday and stopped drinking yesterday. The cat of a thousand names and a breakfast for all of them had just had enough. We said goodbye to our sneaky cupboard opening Chunka-chunka-burnin-love this evening and it really hurts. I miss him so much already. Tu-chunk-hamen, Egyptian Cat God of Upstate NY has gone to the Great Pyramids in the sky. He’s going to be really missed, especially by Daisy and Milo who can’t get into the dog food cupboard without his help.

Chunks 5/2/12 – 10/2/19. That dash was the only skinny thing about him

87 thoughts on “Goodbye Chunks.

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry. The furry ones keep us safe. I couldn’t live without mine…I’d have a breakdown. Sending love and hugs.

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      1. There just are no words I can find. I have known these same heartaches and sadly, I will know it again. I cant even bare the thought of losing my Dane, Gus, without breaking down in tears. I know that day will come, how devastated I’ll be, the void he will leave in my arms and heart….but I wouldn’t trade all the moments of the time we have together for anything….not even the grief I know I’ll face. 😭

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  2. He was only six years old? My goodness! Poor baby. That is just not fair.

    I’m glad you didn’t go the route of chemo. That stuff isn’t good for peoples…much less the fur-babies.

    Sorries, again, love…

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    1. I couldn’t bear the thought of making him suffer so much just to maybe get another month or so of sub quality time. He went downhill far faster than I hoped but I know not putting him through all that would have been the right choice even if we caught this six months ago. He had no symptoms until last week, cats are stinkers like that


      1. I had to put my Pooh Bear down when I was still in Texas. He was an adorable Manx and developed pancreatic cancer. They offered chemo and surgery but were clear that there was no guarantee he’d even come out alive after surgery, much less survive chemo. The idea of chemo on an animal that, in the wild, would not know such a thing and would just return to Mother Earth, naturally. I couldn’t do it. I did agree to have him sedated a bit because he was in distress. He acted drunk with the meds but, purred with me as they put him to sleep. He was sitting up. He didn’t desire to lay down even as they prepared the IV. I watched the liquid enter his body and he eased over slowly and went limp in my hands. It was hard to see my baby go like that but, the alternative would have been 10 times worse. Feral cats, when their time comes, just find a comfortable, hiding place and go. Dust to dust.

        I’ve had five cats and I still miss the other four. 💔

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      2. It’s so hard to watch them go but they deserve love to the last minute. He died purring as me, my son and my husband were all stroking him and I was talking to him. He died hearing he was loved and a good boy


  3. Farewell beautiful boy….rest easy, and know that you were loved.
    Is it nuts that just reading your post has made me cry?
    I’m such a sap when it comes to losing pets. They’re members of the family.

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  4. Rest in peace, Chunk! ❤️😞😞😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

    Hey, Britchy, I know you must be feeling all kinds of sad today!! AND I AM SOS OOO SORRY!! I really am! I lost my Rocky..the only pet I had ever had..when I was a teenager! IT TOTALLY BROKE MY HEART 💔 so I can imagine what you must be feeling…😢😢😭

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  5. I am truly so very sorry. That was the last thing you’d expected and it was awful, rotten news. I remember when we had to put my old dog to sleep, even though we’d expected it because he’d been poorly for a while, it was one of the worst days of my life. Painfully sad. Chunks will always be a part of your life’s story and you’ve given him a happy life in a return. Sending hugs  ♥
    Rest in Peace, dear Chunks 🌹

    Caz xxxx

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  6. I didnt want to put a like on this post, because well I dont like that you lost your feline chunk. Why havent added an additional button that conveys that I see you and I feel you

    All dogs go to heaven but what happens to cats though?

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