Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

I’m still flat on the sofa. A victim of postprandial somnolence after yesterday’s relentless feasting. I glad I’m not by the ocean or I’d have Greenpeace on one side and a Japanese Whaler on the other. Yes, I really did eat THAT MUCH!!

There were only three of us this year but that didn’t stop me cooking for fifty. I did decide not to cook a turkey though. Partly because I’m not that big a fan and partly because I’d like to be rid of leftovers before Christmas rolls around! Turkey. The dinner that ever ends..
I cooked Roast Lamb which we all love along with both mint sauce and onion sauce because I like both and if my dinner plate doesn’t look like the Somme then it just doesn’t feel right!
We had roast and mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots with Cointreau, roast parsnips with a maple and Parmesan crust, Green beans, cauliflower, corn and braised red cabbage with gravy too of course. We then had home made pecan pie and my NY cheesecake.
Did I mention there was only three of us?! Is it any wonder I’m beached on the sofa?!
To be fair, we didn’t start on the pecan pie. That’s staring at me today like a red headed step child. I actually can’t wait to try it as it was made with love by a very dear friend of mine – I just need to waddle to the kitchen and I’m not at waddling stage yet. 
No Black Friday shopping is being done for two reasons:
1. I can’t face putting jeans on
2. I’m virtuously not buying more crap necessities knowing we are moving house.
Actually, number two is a lie. If I could fit into my jeans today I’d totally be spending but since Gluttony is both it’s own reward and punishment, my fat ass is staying put!
I am however, claiming virtuous frugality in front of ‘im indoors so that next time I flex the old Am Ex (American Excuse) I have stored up brownie points to offset.
I really should teach marriage guidance classes don’t you think?! 

52 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

  1. Oh… roast lamb! Carrots with Cointreau! That sounds like heaven on a plate right there.
    I too am wearing stretch pants today. I believe that’s why they were invented…. post gluttonous bliss.
    Love the owl meme!!

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  2. Pepto bismal is a best friend for gluttons 😉
    It even says on the label “for overindulgence”. What a nice way of saying “for pigging out”!

    Hope you enjoyed the cooking, because that much food sounds like a LOT of work…

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  3. All that feasting…sounds like heaven and hell combined.
    BTW, I’m unsure how to do the next chapter of Winter Kill and was wondering if you thought it would be better to end Winter Kill where I did and do a sequel to it? Or just finish of Winter Kill?

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    1. It’s always hard to end a story that’s been a series. It’s like the Harry Potters. You kind of want to know what happens next. You can always leave it on either a cliff hanger or a ‘until next time’ kind of like either some of the HP stories or an Agatha Christie or something. That way, if you WANT to go back to it you can when ready

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  4. I cooked for three as well but, I didn’t make that much. Ken really doesn’t do leftovers. I did a crockpot bone-in turkey breast with lumpy mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. Dessert came from our local market. They make a mean bourbon pecan pie.

    I did manage to get a turkey sandwich in Ken, yesterday.

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      1. It’s for my grandson for Christmas! I was wandering around a store (Ikea) with him in August and he lived playing with a display one so I ordered him one. Not from Ikea though, theirs was a bit crap!

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  5. Excellent humour at its very best!

    I had to reread a line there and came to realise it did not read

    “Yorkshire pudding, carrots with Cointreau, roast parsnips with a magpie and Parmesan crust, Green beans, cauliflower, corn and braised red cabbage with gravy too of course”

    Phew, thank goodness for that 🙂

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      1. Well, thanks for asking 🙂

        She is holding her own bless her – K9 dementia is a cruel joke and trick at the same time on any sufferer, but it is no less painful on the dogs we love 😦 Her Arthritis is ever present and noticeably so – but she the Great Scraptini, thankfully is the ONLY one who doesn’t know she is poorly – so we are ever grateful for that 🙂

        How are you doing, with the move getting closer?

        Still going to be an avid hard core composter in 2020?

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      2. I haven’t talked about it for fear of jinxing myself but we’ve put an offer in so hope to hear back from them this week! Everything shut down for Thanksgiving here pretty much half of last week so it has a knock on effect. Hopefully I’ll have news to post soon 😊

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