Yet another fly by..

I’m bang smack in the middle of packing! We close on our new house on the 24th and then I’m moving down on the 3rd. Well, going down, then back to NY and back to NC again!

I don’t know about air miles, I’d make my fortune on swear miles right now! Hopefully I’ll be all settled by February 10th and can get back to doing stuff I want to instead of stuff I have to!


60 thoughts on “Yet another fly by..

    1. I literally just realized that it WON’T be all over by Feb 10 because then there’s the unpacking… and several more months of other shit winding it’s way down from NY until ‘im indoors finally moves down too. Then there’s the redecorating because there are seven rooms painted beyond hideous colors… oh dear Lord 🙄

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      1. I think I packed it *sigh*
        Years of buying books and successfully hiding how many I had by careful and strategic distribution throughout the house… shot to shit by Lowe’s packing boxes. I have over 30 boxes of books* and ‘im indoors has noticed 🙄
        I’m just going to have to resort to ‘righteous’ indignation over his 37 Phillips head screwdrivers etc to try and diffuse his noticing the shoes!
        Packing is altogether far too revealing!

        *I haven’t packed cookery books yet…

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      2. And you have not yet packed the book with my story 😉

        37 screwdrivers take a lot less space than 30 boxes of books… I mean… Send him out to a pub for a pint. Say that you will pack because you can see how tired he is. That he needs rest. Then just pack the shoes and label the box something that he won’t think twice about.

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      3. … he’s gonna find himself in a box at this rate *mutters darkly*
        Do you know what he did this weekend apart from hyperventilate about my books? He worked on his motorbike. Polishing bits of chrome-y type pipery malarkey.
        It’s January!
        In NY!
        We don’t even clean windows in this weather!!
        We are closing in 11 days. Leaving for NC in 10.
        Moving trucks three weeks today…. and he’s polishing chrome doo dads.
        I just need a majority female jury and I’d get off a righteous murder charge Scot free!

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      4. Isn’t that an oxymoron?!
        I’m not a feminist. I’m an equaliser-within-reason. We aren’t the same, we have different physical compositions and as such can’t be ‘the same’. Apples and oranges. Neither is better, they’re just different.

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  1. Have you hit the stage of moving where you’re ready to set it all on fire and just start over when you get there, yet?
    My packing tip is to invite a couple of friends over for a “packing Party” & Vodka. I’m not saying you’ll necessarily get it all done but you’ll have a lot more fun doing it. 😊

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    1. I did think about that but packing is complicated by the fact we’ll have two homes for the next six months. I need to leave stuff I want and take stuff I want to lose or have a terrible accident with!! ‘im indoors is a horrific just-in-caser… so we have spare parts for daisy wheel printers, phone cords for phones we haven’t had in ten years, floppy discs… I shit you not! Then there’s the truly revolting curtains he has from his first marriage – just in case we need them! I have no hang ups about the origin but orange and brown and olive geometric curtains are never going to be my thing!
      I’ll just be glad in three weeks when my job will be unpacking and choosing colours for paint!


      1. HAHAHA Oh my! You know when we’d sold our ranch and had to re-home livestock, get rid of ranch equipment, horse equipment, empty the barn and pack up the house, I discovered that we were apparent hoarders!
        Not having a home to move to meant put everything in storage…what to sell, what to donate and what to keep and how much of it to keep for a purely theoretical future home?
        I truly did want to set it all alight and not normally being a drinker, have no idea how my liver withstood the stress of it all. Lol
        I can say that I failed miserably in my estimation of fictitious home as 2 yrs later, I still have a garage full of things that I ended up not needing or able to use after all. I may add that even I am mystified at much of the things I’d decided to keep, and have absolutely no idea as to why? But, at least there aren’t any damn ugly curtains. Hahaha (the random wall phone cords, I have)

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