Which Way Is Up?! Seasons Bleatings From The Woolly Minded!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! A Joyous Kwanzaa! Cool Yule- Whatever you celebrate – or don’t. May the joy and wonders of the season lighten your day.

It’s a crazy house here. There’s me, ‘im indoors, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 1 daughter, 2 sons, 1 son in law, 1 fiancée, 2 grandsons and not enough Valium! Princess PITA and Thumper have been here since the 12th with extra dog 1. Fartichoke and his entourage of 2 dogs, fiancée and her little boy arrived last night. Everyone leaves by the 26th so packing can commence in earnest.

Yes I said packing! In the last month I’ve driven to NC three times looking at houses in a 100 mile radius of Raleigh. GA once and Poughkeepsie once. A grand total of over 8000 miles have been added to the car and I ache! We closed on the Poughkeepsie house which was happy sad to say goodbye too. Sad to see the end of an era, thrilled out of my gourd to not be paying over $12k in taxes any more!

We’ve made offers on two houses that we were pipped to the post on by mangy house-stealing turds but third time lucky! I found a house I love and we close on January 24 or thereabouts. It maybe pushed out a week by the sellers if needed but fingers are crossed!

Anyway, I have a honey rum cake in the oven so I have to go and do the kitchen fairy malarkey – expect a longer post after the kids naff off!!

43 thoughts on “Which Way Is Up?! Seasons Bleatings From The Woolly Minded!

    1. Yay!! Congratulations and welcome to North Kakalackey!!!😂 What a Merry Christmas for you!! Try to hang on with your houeful!! It’s almost over and then you can tell Cuomo to kiss your ass!!

      Merry Christmas Helen!!🎄🎅💗

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  1. Twelve THOUSAND in taxes? Dang. That place must have been a PALACE. Good luck with the move and make sure that valium is near to hand. I did the same thing (a whole lot less in property taxes of course, my domicile was a hovel) in 2013 and have vowed NEVER to EVER do it again. I’m just too tired. I hope Santa brings you some extra energy for a prezzie! Merry Holidays to you!

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      1. Even upstate, taxes here are excruciating. We’re don’t even have 1/2 acre here. We’re buying a house in NC that’s over twice the sq ft of this house and 5 acres – over ten times the land …with less than half the taxes. NY is a truly fiscally inept state.


      1. Not in my neck of the woods. We are having crazy spring-like weather like most of the eastern US. We had one big snowstorm in November. It’s the Canadian western provinces you wish to avoid!

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  2. Hope you enjoyed your time with your family…while they probably didn’t, LOL!
    Happy New Year from the future! Want to know what the future holds?


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