Hello from North Carolina!

Hello from North East North Carolina! I’m finally moved, still have a veritable mountain of boxes to unpack but we’re currently (slowly) having a new HVAC system installed so unpacking is halted because they’re running ductwork everywhere. It’s slow because it’s a two man team and it may be slowed further by the Dreaded Lurgy but we shall see.

It is what it is.

Of course in North Carolina, we ain’t so sparse with our syllables…. so ‘Eeee-ut eeee-uz whut eeee-ut eeee-uz’…

Moving on! Swiftly!

It’s been.. exciting! We made two trips with a truck. My daughter Princess PITA, Snidey McSneakaround and Thumper drove up from Georgia to help us move and help themselves to stuff they wanted.

The first drive down on the Monday was with two cars and the truck. I had ‘im indoors van (which is like driving a jello sofa) and it was slow going with constant breaks for diapers and bathrooms because no one could coordinate! Strong winds slowed us too, so much so that we had to stop just outside Richmond for the night. I was pretty peeved but heigh ho. We got there and unpacked the truck next day and then drove back to NY on the Wednesday.

I deserve a medal for not murdering anyone. I really do. Apparently Sneaky can’t navigate. This shouldn’t surprise me given that he can’t find his arse with both hands but heigh ho. I live to learn shit *rolls eyes*

Sthmellyarthe, who, like me, is no fan of the slime bag, had to ride in the truck to tell him where to go. I had to stay close as I was the one paying for gas. We made it back a lot quicker but I still beat them home by over an hour after our last gas stop.

The weather forecast for Thursday pm into Friday was dire so I suggested to ‘im indoors that we pack early on Thursday and then the dimwit and I could get going because he can’t drive in snow..

We were ready to leave by 11:30am so we headed to get gas. I said I didn’t want to stop again until we were through Pennsylvania because of the bad weather alerts and it was already snowing, so I suggested he got a couple of snacks to keep him going. I got a Coke Zero, a Pay Day and a packet of Cheezits.

He got a 40 plus oz bladder buster of soda, a whole stick of pepperoni, a packet of beef jerky and a 8oz block of cheese! You’d think we were doing the Oregon Trail! Seriously, over $40 on flipping snacks! Greedy bastard.

We had freezing fog all the way from Syracuse to Binghamton and it was a bit scary. Very eerie too. Just outside Binghamton he calls me and asks can we stop as he needs a bathroom (no kidding!!)

We were about 12 miles from the Pennsylvania border so I told him we’d stop at the PA welcome center as trying to get off at Binghamton would have been a big delay. He wasn’t happy but tough shit. It was a time crunch. We had freezing fog pretty much all the way to Harrisonburg and then sleet, rain and wind. It was slow going but we kept going. By the tail end of PA he needed the toilet again so I said we’d stop in West Virginia. That sounds mean but it was less than 30 miles and with all the severe weather flashing signs, I just desperately wanted to get out of the danger area. I drove straight through Maryland on I81 (15 miles) and stopped at the WV welcome center. He wanted to stay in WV but it was less than 25 miles at this point into Virginia and I just really wanted to push on. We finally stopped at 9:30pm in Virginia. A journey that would usually take me about 4-5 hours had taken ten. It was exhausting. We stayed at a Quality Inn or something, I honestly don’t remember.

Next morning I checked in with ‘im indoors and they’d had about 18″ of snow. He said leaving when we did was the best thing I could have done. Plows couldn’t keep up and the thruway wasn’t even plowed until 11am so we wouldn’t have made it if we waited.

We still had to get home to NC though and there were severe wind, thunderstorm and flash flooding alerts in progress!

I had Tornado alerts all the way down which was scary. My daughter called to say they had really dreadful winds and it was scary so I was tense worrying.

As we got about 8 miles from home we saw two houses with grain silos planted on them. A tornado had whirled through but that was as close as it got thankfully.

It was a very intense week! Then we had the great Carolina snowstorm of 2020 which was surprisingly more than I expected.

Daisy was not a happy camper!

It was very pretty though

The journey was over and now the adventure had begun!

66 thoughts on “Hello from North Carolina!

  1. Oh it looks gorgeous and as per usual you made me laugh. We are moving too…one suburb to the next….its tiring we are doing it alone..just the two of us and two dogs…plus the dogs need runs and walks….any hoo back to it….

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  2. Glad you’re safely in your new home! I was thinking about you and hoping you didn’t have to (justifiably) murder someone😉

    The snow is very pretty… in pictures. We’ve had rain for the past week or so and I don’t like it! I’d really not like snow.

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  3. “jello van”. All I can picture is one of those vehicles used in Osmosis Jones! Squishy and full of germs and stress!
    Glad you arrived. The snow is lovely, but it won’t last too much longer for this season. xo

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  4. Welcome back! Glad you’re moved in. I haven’t moved in a decade and half – literally – and I haven’t been on an interstate trip in more than half a decade. (My recent trip to Adelaide was my first trip AT ALL since 2014.)
    I’m sure you’ll be back to mischief in no time!

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  5. That journey was was such an adventure too, now on to the next chapter…
    Crazy how things are funnier I retrospect but while they happen its really some end of the world scary stuff

    Like how one day we will laugh about the great toilet paper panic buying

    Glad to see you in these streets again

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  6. I was beginning to wonder if you had driven past NC and got lost in the Georgia mountains. Glad to hear/read that you finally decided to “light” (southern term for landing somewhere…think of flies or lightening bugs landing on something). Nice Georgian-style home. You have now, officially, joined the slowly dying Tidewater Culture, built by English Gentry:

    I remember that tornado storm. It got ugly here. And, that snowstorm…your area got more than we did and that is unusual. Normally, snowstorms come from our mountains and move east or, come up from Charlotte. The closer you are to the beach, the less snow…normally.

    You are exactly due east of Wake Forest. And, I have a cousin that lives in Wilson. I’ve never actually been to Rocky Mount but, I have been in Elm City, like, over 20 years ago. You are in a pretty area.

    Looks like you have some lovely, majestic Willow Oaks in your yard, too. Glad you and the family are safe.


  7. Good to see some sanity is back to the madness or vice versa – but glad you are back 🙂 Glad you are settled in and glad you are happier and less stressed 🙂 I am a bit concerned already though … i don’t think the lawns are big enough for you 🙂

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      1. Ha ha, so does ‘im’ have a sit on ride or will he be out there losing weight by trawling the grounds by hand and foot only 🙂

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      2. Oh yes very much so, l used to live on 5 acres of ground in Lincolshire, the old farmer’s property – they didn’t entrust me with the machinery though.

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      3. You are not that far off, it all happened because of the two pronged forklift they let me drive, can’t remember what it was called, some kind of fork lift digger and l got my feet mixed up and hit the accelerator and not the brake and went through the corner pillars of one of their barns and brought the whole structure down … honestly it could have happened to anyone! After that, l was delegated to foot walking lawn mowers only.


    1. Yes I’m glad to be settled. We had to have new heating and AC installed so I haven’t been able to finish unpacking yet but now that we have a stay at home order from today here in NC – I’ll have to get on with it!

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      1. Yeah, over here gatherings are really restricted (I think down to two people now); people aren’t allowed to weddings or funerals; and there are real restrictions on the amount of certain items like toilet paper and milk are really restricted. I’m in self-isolation, only going out if I absolutely have to.

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