Of Tags and Teases

After a trying time at the title and tags office both my cars are now NC registered. I’m finally incognito without those ol’ NY plates! Not that everyone can ever be truly incognito with a Mini Cooper but – it’s the thought that counts.

I had to send the title to the Lincoln back to his nibs in NY to sign, along with a power of attorney form however they took so long to get to him that he just brought them with him rather than trying to mail them again.

It was a right old palaver however, thankfully, the title and tags office was open so I now have a ‘First in a Flight’ number plate on one car and a ‘First in Freedom’ on the other. It’s pretty cool that NC let’s you chose the motto on your number plate. There’s also ‘In God We Trust’ but I didn’t know that until I commented after completing the other two… obviously I need a third car! ‘im indoorsdoesn’t appreciate my logic at all *sigh*

The Title and tags office here also sells really cool stuff like mini stun guns and pepper spray.

In spite of dropping several heavy hints I wasn’t bought any mini stun guns or pepper spray at the DMV – thankfully I had to go back as I was missing a bit of paperwork for one car. 

Lock and load baby, lock and load heh, heh, heh

I had to behave beautifully all morning which is never a good thing so naturally, I had to plan a prank. 

It was a good one too. 

I kept busy tracing ghastly bug images so I could color them with a black sharpie, cut them out …and stick them to the inside of his bedside lamp. I had a couple of stink bugs and a cockroach. I didn’t want to over do it, it had to be convincing!

Surreptitiously coloring and cutting is an art. Looking too innocent is as unbelievable as looking guilty so striking the right balance to fly below the radar is a definite life skill.

I taped the three bug silhouettes to the inside of the shade and waited. 

Unsurprisingly ‘Jesus H Christ’ was called on to referee. I’m beginning to wonder if ‘im indoors is a bit of a foot-washin’ snake kisser on the quiet because he sure does call on God a lot when I’m around… probably because I’m such an angel.

Apparently I’m an idiot and an asshole and I’m trying to darn kill him too. That was a silly thing to say, he won’t eat mushrooms! 

38 thoughts on “Of Tags and Teases

    1. They’re the most fun I’ve ever had on four wheels…. and the most expensive. I love it dearly but I wouldn’t recommend it as parts and labor are astronomical. It’s also the most dingbat engine set up you’ve ever seen.

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      1. That’s because of the personal property tax!😢

        MY county is going into a stay at home order tomorrow morning!😢I’ve already been home for almost two weeks already and the new order is for at LEAST three weeks! Too many stupid people wouldn’t stay home!!!

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      1. Ha ha – Suze and l are not so much pranking each other, but scaring each other – she caught me out yesterday as l stumbled out of the bathroom after a wee by jumping out from the other room that is attached to the hallway – never mind wee, l nearly shat myself!!

        Oh how she laughed …. no problem, my turn ….

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