Are we raising the next ‘Greatest Generation’?

We’re in difficult times. We’re facing uncertainty, food shortages and the very real possibility of losing family members.

This last happened during World War 2 and I can’t help but see certain similarities.

Profiteering and the Black Market was terribly despised then. You could be jailed or even hung. Even as a collaborator, knowing, but seeing it and doing nothing – meant you were culpable. 

Remember that line. I’m coming back to that in my next blog post too.

There are those who don’t care about the suffering and hardship of others. As long as they’re okay, screw the world.

There are those who see a need and strive to fill it. People making face masks for nurses. Buying meals for truckers at drive throughs. Turning their regular production over to more needed supplies without profit.

There are those that spread good information that’s useful and those that scaremonger and spread dissent. Seeking to promote a political platform that is irrelevant and fucking annoying right now (there! I swore! Happy now?!)

There are those that try and raise spirits and just look forward to brighter days, stalwart in the knowledge we will get through this and we will!

Every day we’re another day nearer this being over.

But what will we learn and how will it change us moving forward? 

Parents. Right now you’re like Gods! You rule your tiny kingdoms and the lessons you teach your children today will shape the world to come.

What are you teaching them about respect for others? Are you teaching them how to triumph in adversity or wallow in the lake of ‘it isn’t fair’? Are you teaching them to be cheerful, to find inventive ways to solve problems? To think of others and how to help them?

What are you teaching them about waste? Conserving supplies, using stuff mindfully. Repurposing everything from clothes to cleaning supplies. How to create a new meal out of an old one so all food is eaten. You have the opportunity to teach them to budget and save. To be proud of being thrifty.

What are you teaching them about propaganda? About checking sources and not believing in scaremongering. About being logical and prudent with social media and mindful of what they share.

Above all are you teaching them to ‘carry the one’?! Let’s annihilate common core!LOL

Oh parents. You have the opportunity to use this time to raise a generation who will learn appreciation, gratitude and forbearance. To be better humans. To love their country and to put others first. To take a pride in a job well done and to know how to really appreciate how precious and wonderful life is.

Don’t ruin it by over commiserating because sports and proms are gone. Graduation is out the window and Sephora’s closed!  

48 thoughts on “Are we raising the next ‘Greatest Generation’?

  1. HAHA, I just recorded a video lesson on carrying the one!!

    but all silliness aside, I think this is a huge moment for us as humans. We have all seen those memes where it says “our grandparents were called to war and we are called to sit on the couch” like it’s huge what we can show our children right now. We can show them how, while it is uncomfortable and maybe boring, that we are doing what is best and needed for our country and our survival. A lot of us have no memory of great war or dire circumstances. It’s been SO long since WWII. Sure there was Korea and Vietnam, but our daily lives weren’t impacted as much. At least I think so, I wasn’t alive then. Sure 9/11 threw us into a sense of panic and anxiety over our safety but nothing like this. This is our moment to reflect, to build our children up to be better humans. To knock us out of this sense of entitlement and comfort that a lot of them have been accustomed to, and they should feel that security and safety! But they also need to be aware that it’s not permanent. And that the lives of others are important as well. Their safety and comfort. And yes, maybe you want that thing at the grocery store that you don’t NEED but you leave it because it might just be all that someone else can afford.

    I hope you are safe and healthy my friend! And settling into your new home nicely!

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  2. Britchy for President, Damnit!

    My girls were in grade school when the ex and I were involved in activism. We did monthly “feed the homeless” events and lots of community work. As adults, their hearts know the right thing to do!

    Ben is autistic and I’m still trying to teach him to wipe his bum.🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. Different ball game for Ben lol
      I’ve always said we can all do something for others. Even the most mentally or physically disadvantaged among us can just make the whole world shine with a smile. We have this absolutely golden opportunity to seize the day. To influence our kids to be selfless and responsible. If we stopped looking at this as a burden we’d realise it’s a gift 💝

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      1. Definitely. I mentioned to someone the other day how great it is that siblings are playing together, making up games, building forts, using their imaginations…like we all used to before the internet. Opportunity for good in everything!!

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  3. I ranted about how irritated I was, you ranted to make changes. I’ll probably get there, but I’m a bit more cynical at the moment. As in how can two cases pop up in our tiny town several weeks ago and not another one in the whole county????
    Have you ever read the book ‘Alas, Babylon’ by Pat Frank? My kids were raised on it and are mostly aware of saving and reusing. I say mostly, because the state of that 26 year old’s room shows a huge mess of saving, but does he really need all those worn out socks? Thankfully, he’s old enough to take care of himself and as long as I don’t go in there, it is good (he’s also paying a small rent, so I’m always thankful for that!)

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      1. one of the physician bloggers I follow suggested we use the words ‘physical distancing’ instead. I like that, I’d hate to be socially distant from many of my online friends!
        I’m still not going to believe that physical distancing is what is causing cases to vanish. more cynicism! lol

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  4. To answer your question, I sure hope so!! What a great post and food for thought for all the parents out there. I may have to lynch a TP hoarder. Those of us with serious digestive system issues are NOT happy.

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  5. It is terrible to hear of so many going without the needed food to take care of them and their families. Psalms 72:16 speaks of a time when there will be an abundance of food for everyone. Such a wonderful time to look forward to.

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