The Best of Times in The Worst of Times.

If there’s one thing I love about humanity it’s the irrepressible abounding creativity in choosing to overcome trials and tribulations. Don’t be fooled by carefully curated news stories designed to leave us in fear and isolation. There are more wonderful stories than you can possibly read if you alter your settings to see them.

Enjoy! Life IS wonderful!

Black Button Distilling in upstate NY has stopped production of their very profitable Bourbon and are keeping their workers employed making sanitizer that they’re distributing to local hospitals etc in need. 

Black Button Distilling to make hand sanitizers

This story of a church coming together to save their community. So many other bloggers are endlessly promoting fake news stories about churches right now and they sicken me. Promote your anti church propaganda all you want but make it fact not lies scumbags. No church by me is open but boy, are their congregations doing good. 

Local Community steps up to feed residents at stricken nursing home

This from a wonderful upstate NY credit union. Credit Unions beat banks every day for service, rates and ethics. Reliant is a beacon amongst credit unions.

Reliant Community Credit Union helping where they can

A garden center in Raleigh is giving away Easter lilies to spread hope and joy. I don’t even know where Sims is but it’s gone on my ‘good’ list to shop at after this (and yes, I have a bad list too)

Raleigh nursery giving away lilies to spread joy

Spreading the love safely but with great exuberance!

Friends drive by to wish a happy 80th birthday in style!

When counting the miles can’t prevent counting the smiles between people 

Messages of love across the miles

13 thoughts on “The Best of Times in The Worst of Times.

      1. Unfortunately, my mother’s former home church is ignoring the rules. He’s telling his congregation to ignore them, too; that the virus is the devil and only those lacking faith should stay away. I use the word “former church” because right before Mom died, she left this fool. Of course, her neighbor called to tell me of his latest shenanigans. But, he’s the only church in town (and there are at least five others) that’s doing this. We hope this is his downfall. Truly, he’s the minority but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was doing it to get press coverage, the last thing we need to do for him or any others of his ilk.

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      2. That’s ridiculous. He should be locked up, what an idiot. I’m not a believer in organized religion at all. I believe in God but not in religion. That being said, the welcome I’ve received from the church members in this town, just as a community member, not a church goer has been humbling.

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      3. You can tell a true spiritual person not from the church she/he attends but from their acts. I’m not a believer of organized religion either but love my sister’s church (she lives in another state and I stream their services from time to time). I loved the people in my Mom’s church because they were the church. You need to know that she’d been a member for 60 years until this fool took over. You can imagine how evil he must be to have a 60-year member leave! When she died, I had her funeral at the church but arranged for another spiritual leader to do her eulogy. He knew not to mess with me.

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      4. That’s how it was with my mothers funeral. My dad would have raised the rafters before he let the asshole village priest say her mass. I’ve only met two of the three pastors in town but I really like them both. They’re sensible, down to earth, caring men. We had a horrible tragedy just outside town a few weeks ago, a nasty car accident. The next night, both men took supper to the local fire/police station and just sat and talked with the guys. Not preached, just listened. I heard about it from one of the guys wives. I was really impressed. They knew those guys had seen harrowing stuff and they just wanted to help

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    1. I’m just the same as everyone else. Scared, feeling alone, tearful. I have my moments where I just bawl but I try my hardest not to give in to that and the easiest way is seeking out positive news stories. This isn’t a new thing, it’s been my wont for some time. I refuse to dwell in misery!

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  1. I’m so amazed at the church community here and how this has sparked a flurry of creativity and solidified community.
    One church had a park (in your car) service at a local park and we could all tune in to a radio station to hear the service.
    Another invited everyone to gather at the hospitals back parking area (again in our cars) while they (5 people) stood more than 6 ft apart, up on the roof and led praise & worship followed by community prayer.
    Our church is holding service via website, app and youtube, sending out a connect pkg weekly with reading guide, activites for kids, letter from our pastor. Also, started care groups, coupling younger (below age 65) with older, widowed & at risk parishioners where we call each other, pray with one another and we shop & deliver for them so they dont have to go out.
    Here in our small corner of the world, the churches are not only alive and doing well but risen to greatly impact, comfort and serve this community.


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