Take my hand..

Of all the parts of the body, to me, hands are the ones with the most meaning and least considered.

If you were asked right now what body part would you least like to lose, what would you choose? Your eyes? Your voice, hearing, a leg? I can pretty much guarantee a hand wasn’t the first thing you thought of.

If you’re blind, you can feel your way or read Braille with your hands. You can feel hot or cold, smooth or rocky. You can see a lot with your hands.

You write, drive, cook, show affection.. all with your hands. You join hands in prayer, in matrimony and business. You shake hands to show sincerity. You wave hello and goodbye. You give a hand up, a hand out, a helping hand. You can have a hands on approach to problems and you can keep your hands off my cake!

You surrender with hands up. You can have too much time on your hands or have a drink in your hand. You can keep one hand in your pocket, you can handle with care, you can even have the whole world in your hands!!!

And right now, keeping the whole world in your hands couldn’t have more significance. Wash your so important, precious, CRITICAL hands and keep them 6 feet away from others. You’ll greatly lesson the amount of goodbyes you’ll wave.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Hands

18 thoughts on “Take my hand..

    1. I’ve always been a compulsive hand washer. Not keen on hand sanitizer as I just hate the feel of it but I use it when I’m out of the house and can’t wash my hands. Desperate times! Hand sanitizer is one habit I won’t carry forward

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      1. I despise hand sanitizer!! Something in it makes my eyes turn blood red and on fire! Even without touching my face. If I have to use it, I have to wash my hands within 15 mins or it’s too late.

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  1. Great song choices🎶💃🏼 and yes, our hands get overlooked don’t they? I became more aware of mine when they stopped working as well from nerve damage.
    Wash wash wash you hands and for goodness sake, quit picking your nose!!😂💌

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  2. One of the kids mine grew up around had only one hand. He was very good with everything!!
    I have always been a hand washer. I remember once being away from facilities and needing to pee. I hid outside the car in the bushes and ‘washed’ my hands on dewy grasses nearby. Except they were nettles. NOT a favorite memory! (that was in the 80’s when bottled water was fancy)

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