Dish the Dirt!

If you look around you. At the grocery store, the doctors office, the swing park. In newspapers or on TV or the radio. Over the garden fence or under the boardwalk and ESPECIALLY on social media you’ll find a common thread running through. It’s not a pretty thread. It’s a murky color and it’s scratchy. It doesn’t feel good to wear at all. Life’s tapestry would definitely be better without it. There isn’t one of us without these threads weaving in the weft of our lives.

The thread is gossip. Dishing up the dirt on others. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Just that it’s a tasty tidbit to feed our salacious appetites. This isn’t a dish that’s good for you. It has empty moral calories, no thought protein and enough malicious carbs to stop your heart AND that of its victim.

It’s not a dish to nourish your soul.

On the other hand, kindness is a dish that can feed the world. Every act of kindness has the potential to grow and multiply and cover the world.

We’re all frightened of a respiratory viral pandemic as I write this. Imagine if you will, a viral pandemic of kindness spreading around the world and infecting people as fast as this? Protect yourself from germs every time you go out. Please don’t spread an ugly contagion off any sort… but kindness? Spread that everywhere.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Dish.

14 thoughts on “Dish the Dirt!

  1. Yes to this! Love this part, “It has empty moral calories, no thought protein and enough malicious carbs to stop your heart AND that of its victim.”

    Lost a job to gossip, I did, but even in the throes of it, it was a fascinating look at human behavior. If you ever notice the people who don’t say anything negative about others, they usually have been on the receiving end of bad gossip – or they are absolute angels


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