The Story Of Your Life

We all have a story in us.

We’re born a blank slate. The first few pages are filled in by others as we are too small but even as a baby, with no understanding of anything but wanting to be fed or changed or loved – we change the lives of others. We add pages in their books of life. In being, we are a page in the library of the world, connected to every other page by index’s of friendship, family and love.

Some pages in your book are written by you. Some by others. Pages are highlighted with happy or sad doodles. Some have tear splashed, some have coffee rings. All those pages count to make the page of today.

Everything up to today is written. It’s history. This line is written but the rest of the day is blank and so is tomorrow. Your pages up to now might not make you happy. You might wish some weren’t there. You might wish some could be forgotten.

Make sure the rest of your pages belong in a book you can be proud of. Let your actions tell your story and make it one that no one wants to end.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Book

17 thoughts on “The Story Of Your Life

  1. I love books. In a favorite, A Little Princess, Sara mentions how we are all stories. I tend to think my story is made up of those I’ve read. I was shaped by Dr. Seuss, Trixie Belden, Tin-Tin, Pollyanna, and Cherry Ames. Plus a whole lot more, plus those fun blogs by awesome authors like thou!!! :o)


    1. My hope is no regrets. I don’t mean the not seeing the Great Wall of China… and on the one on the Old Kent Road!! I mean the regret of not telling people how much you love them and how special they are. JK Rowling missed a trick with the killing curse. If there was a curse more bitter than that of regret I don’t know what it is

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