What do you teach?

The most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life weren’t taught in a classroom. The lessons that have given me all I needed to win at life didn’t carry a grade.

A line in a book, a chance remark, a movie. All can have a truly profound impact but none as much as the people that surround you in life.

I had my eyes opened to the ridiculousness of color prejudice by To Kill A Mockingbird. The eyes and heart of a child are what you need to see truth and justice. I learned some lessons I’ve never forgotten from that book and it haunts as much as nourishes me.

Pay it forward. Have you seen the movie or read the book? Such a simple premise. Do three things for three other people. They in turn have to do three things for three more people and so on. We really could change the world. It really is that easy. It just had to start with me. I can’t make anyone else do it but I can teach by example and I do. Every single chance I get.

There’s an expression – ‘monkey see, monkey do’. It means people who copy without necessarily understanding why. It explains a lot of things from rioting to celebrating D Day. I like to think of it another way. If you’re kind or friendly to people who aren’t used to receiving kindness or friendliness, they won’t understand it. Hopefully they’ll repeat your behavior and eventually, they will understand it.

When we hate, we teach others to hate.

Surely when we love we teach others the same?

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Teach

17 thoughts on “What do you teach?

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and you are 💯 right about copying similar behaviour! It’s also vital to surround yourself with people who empower you with their approach. I believe that teaching others about “good selfish” can make a difference..Do you wonder what it means? Every single human being is selfish. But when you are “good selfish”, you can do something amazing with it. Good selfish is when you take actions which have a positive impact on others; Making someone feel good, makes you feel good too. Giving someone a hand to help them stand, makes you feel good. Volunteering to do something good, makes you feel good. Don’t get it wrong with doing stuff so people like you. Becoming “good selfish” is genuine and the primary reason of doing so is not to make you happy. The primary reason is to do something good and then the joyful feeling just comes with it as a bonus! Take care everyone!


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