If Music Be The Food Of Love..

I don’t like Mondays and today wasn’t improved by a prompt I had everything and nothing to write about. The voices in my head said can you feel it?’ So… Here I go again!

I guess you could say that music was my first love. I was raised on Country but I LOVE Rock and Roll!!

I just can’t stop the music! When all’s said and done, it’s my Church.

Music has always been there for me. I’d come home from my old school and listen to the music on the radio. It seems to know the story of my life before I do.

It seemed there were so many songs about me. Songs about falling in love and even songs to wash that man right outta my hair and then relax with a glass of red red wine. I bet he thinks this blog is about him!

Add some music to your day, it can always lift me up. I can see clearly now that soon, we’ll all be walking on sunshine and singing. Loud, Proud as one big crowd – Thank you for the Music.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Music.

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