The Power of Three

I decided to take today’s Discover Prompt: Three and write about three things I’ve done that make me proud.

Then I realised just how much I’d shot my self in the foot! Naturally as a Mum, I couldn’t be prouder of my three kids. Sadly that’s because of who they are, not because of anything I did so strike one for my ideas.

I then started thinking of things I’ve done that I’m proud of and again, realized very quickly that the things I’m most proud of, I’m proud of because people don’t know about them. They’re my own little happy secret and honestly, I’d diminish my pleasure in my random acts if I shared them. Strike two.

Things. Objects. Belongings.

Nope. I can take pleasure in owning them but all I did was hand over the sponduliks, the wonga, the cold hard cash. Pride in ownership is very different from joy, I don’t want that. Strike three!

There was a TV shoe I used to like, Charmed. One of its themes was ‘The Power of Three’. That thought floated through my mind and bam! Back in the game!

The power of three. It can mean a lot of things. Trinity, Trifecta, Trefoil- all come from three. I’m eschewing more esoterical thoughts and I’m sharing three people who left the world a better place for being in it.

Sir Nicholas Winton 19 May 1909 – 1 July 2015

Nicholas Winton was an amazing man. He established a group to rescue children, mostly Jewish at risk from the Nazis from Czechoslovakia at the beginning of World War 2. Not only did he get them out, he arranged homes for them all once he got to England. There are whole families who wouldn’t exist today if he hadn’t rescued their grandparents and great grandparents.

Edith Cavell 4 December 1865 – 12 October 1915

Edith Cavell was a British nurse working in Belgium during the First World War. She saved lives of soldiers, both Allied and German without discrimination and also helped 200 Allied soldiers escape. She was caught, accused of treason, found guilty by a German court martial and sentenced to death. She was shot at dawn by a German firing squad. She’s been an influence of mine since I was a small child. There’s a statue to her outside St Martins, across from Trafalgar Square. As a child I always wanted to go and see her. I laid flowers for her more than once. The night before her execution, she said, “Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.” That’s inscribed on her statue and had a profound effect on me. I try – I’m a work in progress.

I saved the best for last. Lilian Lonergan. 1921-2006 My wonderful, much loved ‘other mother’. I miss her dreadfully. Of all my hero’s, she’s the one that matters most. I already blogged about her here. She truly was, in my opinion, one of the greatest women who ever lived. I wish everyone could have a Lil.

18 thoughts on “The Power of Three

  1. A fantastic HatTrick!! 🎉🚨🚨🚨😍 I agree that the secret random things lose their meaning if they’re made public.💌

    You could’ve bragged about the restraint you showed as your children were growing up. We mothers not only give life, we allow it to continue… THAT’S the tough part😉😂😂

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    1. I AM proud of them but I really do think it’s their choices that have mad ex them who they are. They’re all incredibly different, they’d be a lot more similar if it was down to me! I have friends with 2 lovely kids and one horror. All three kids had the same upbringing and again, their own personalities affected their choices. I’d like to take credit but I really can’t 😊


  2. Aaah this is a lovely post! And they really do sound like true heroes indeed. I’m going to look into Sir Nicholas Winton’s story more. And I’m sure you’ve had something to do with how well your kids are turning out 😉

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