A Kind Of Magic

Sadly I got a bit behind with these. A massive migraine over the weekend put me out of action. I’m still kind of fearful of it rebounding again but here we go regardless! Illegitimi non carborundum and all that.

Magic. A ton of different ideas, thoughts and musings and I’ve come up with, for me, is when something happens that directly changes an attitude or action.

A thank you, a smile, a babies laugh. They’re all magic. Showing love, empathy, understanding. Magic.

Listening to an elderly person reminiscing, watching a child count the hours on a dandelion clock, a kittens unsteady steps as it plays with its siblings. Sheer unadulterated magic.

Magical moments are all around us every day. They’re called opportunity and appreciation. Never miss the opportunity to share joy and love and appreciate all the good that comes your way.

That’s magic.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Magic

20 thoughts on “A Kind Of Magic

      1. We moved a bit further North, less than ten miles to Mooresville! Every bone in my body hurts. Today was the last of the moving, we went and emptied our storage unit. We had half of our stuff in there since the last house was temporary and very small. I truly hate moving but hopefully we are here to stay. 😲💜🌞

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