This Little Light Of Mine…

Hidden. If ever there was a prompt to describe my misdeeds this is it! I knew sooner or later the opportunity to tell part two of The Light Story and here it is! You might want to read that first if you haven’t.

Anyway, the morning after the night before, we got up and drove the 35 minutes to the new Casa Del Britchy. We did the walkthrough and the legalese crap, went to Lowes to buy new locks and spare lightbulbs etc and to get the electricity and other stuff switched to our names. By 4pm we were fading fast so we decided to sit and chill for an hour before going out to dinner.

Naturally, sitting still for an hour – and actually BEHAVING was highly unlikely!

There’s a ceiling light/fan in the family room which you can turn on and off either by the dilly danglers, light switches on two separate walls… or a remote!

This ceiling fan has a remote! Y’all know where this is going don’t you?

I sneakily hid the remote behind me and settled on the sofa. His Nibs has already claimed the recliner as his rightful throne.

The light was on so I waited until he was settled, reached to where I had hidden the remote and turned the fan on.

‘God damnit! They must have left the fan on with the light’ (never mind it was the end of January and cold as balls!)

He gets up to pull on the dilly dangler to turn the fan off so I flicked the light off! He pulled the other string to turn the light back on and I turned the fan back on!

A few ‘Jesus H Christ’s’ later he decided to turn it off at the wall and back on – so I turned the fan on again!

The air was blue! I suggested he try the other wall switch near the doors that lead out to the porch and *miraculously* it all settled down… or I stopped because I knew I was going to wet myself laughing! He concluded we must have an intermittent short in the wiring.

It was the interactive shorty sitting on the sofa that was the problem lol

I smuggled the remote out of the room and it’s hidden in my bedside drawer because as I’m sure you can guess, there WILL be a round three!

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Hidden

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