The I in Team

I love being part of a team. There’s no better feeling than having the synchrony of being part of a well functioning group of workmates or friends where everyone has a function and knows what to do to achieve goals. It’s true, team work really does make the dream work!

The first team you’re ever a member of is your family. I firmly believe teaching kids that they’re an essential part of the family team and that everyone needs to pull their weight is important. My kids had jobs from the moment they could walk. Carrying salt and pepper to the table. Helping tidy up toys. Putting laundry in the hamper. They’re all teamwork. Teaching kids that their contribution is important and necessary and expected is giving them the best possible skills to equip them for school and beyond.

Friends are another example of teams. You have the loud one, the sensible one, the innovator, the peacemaker, the comedian… all very different but all can blend so very well. I love my gang of friends!

Teams aren’t always positive though. Teamwork can also make the nightmare worse. Think of the Mafia, Human Traffickers, Drug pushers, pedofile rings… Also all well oiled machines where everyone has a function and works together but it’s for evil not good. On a less terrifying but still bloody ugly level there are teams/gangs of football hooligans, bullies, scammers and so on.

We can’t go through life without being a member of many teams. We can however, choose which work and which are toxic.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Dream

6 thoughts on “The I in Team

  1. query? how did you get teams from the prompt of dream?
    Being a team person is not that easy. I often feel like Danny from the musical ‘Grease’. (OHHHHHH< another ONJ musical!!) He did much better in a sport where the results may have been counted by the team, but the individual scored alone.


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