Escape from New York

Oh how delightful it is in North Carolina! I’m sat on a boat dock in 78f degrees with alligators swimming under me.

I shit you not. There are five foot long alligators swimming much too close for my comfort. Maybe I should stop feeding them hush puppies but

1. I don’t like hush puppies

2. If they eat the hush puppies they won’t eat me (hopefully)

Fartichokes birthday is tomorrow so I’ve escaped south for a few days to see him and get away from the sFnow! ‘im indoors texted a while ago to say it’s cold, sleety and windy. I know I’m not very nice but I was very gratified to be missing it!

I had to make a birthday cake for Fartichoke so here’s the pics. I’ll post the details on the innards later – I’m getting scared of these flippin’ dinosaurs!

35 thoughts on “Escape from New York

  1. Its meant to be mild back here in the UK but its not!!!! they say next week it will be so here’s hoping, have a nice time in North Carolina with all the alligators rather you than me, and that looks a delicious cake, I love chocolate and can I spot ferrero richer on the top? must take a picture of it when you have cut into it, and of course post the recipe, yum yum.

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    1. Yes to Ferrero Rocher! They are the only bit of the cake I didn’t make from scratch. He wanted a Ferrero Rocher inspired cake so it has home made nutella, almond cake and chocolate fudge buttercream! It’s going to be extremely rich!

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  2. Oh my goodness, all the NOPE on gators. And crocodiles. I know you only mentioned one but both are terrifying! I’m impressed you fed them hush puppies! I probably wouldn’t sit on the dock lol.

    That cake looks delectable by the way.

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      1. Lol!! I know some brave people so I wouldn’t be shocked to hear anyone sat on the dock knowing they were there! When I lived in Florida my mom stood on the end of a dock with a whole flock (pod, school, group??) of hammerhead sharks swimming under it! She knew they were there, too. I love her but she is bold and crazy lol!

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  3. Is that Ferrero Rocher on the cake? Haha. I love what you did with the cake. Holy, you are one brave woman. I’d be terrified being so close to alligators.

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  4. I wanna face plant in that!
    Alligators are retched creatures. They’re like geese, never up to any good. Had to beat one with my shoe in the park once, goose this is, shanky bastard. You should probably run.

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  5. I’m gonna need a piece of that cake!! I’m from Louisiana (still here actually) and we feed gators marshmallows lol don’t know why exactly but that’s what I’ve been taught since birth 😂 have fun on your getaway!

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  6. Good call on escaping the snow. I’m here in the midwest and getting so tired of this ‘sFnow’❄️ It’s April, and the forecast is 8 inches today! The cake looks amazing and delicious. I’m sure your son was grateful!😊 Enjoy the sunshine minus the alligators!☀️☀️

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