Daisy and the Frog Prince

We’ve had quite a bit of rain so far today. I just took my little dog Daisy out for her eleven millionth piddle of the day and we met a frog. She was a little intimidated at first but then desperately wanted to play and make friends.

Froggy wasn’t having any of it though. He turned down her overtures of friendship – even when she offered him a stick.

He was a froggy that just doesn’t like doggies I guess.

Daisy took it in her stride.

Like a lady.

She pissed on him and walked away.

I think I can learn a lot from Daisy.

42 thoughts on “Daisy and the Frog Prince

      1. Daisy wasn’t a shelter dog. Neighbours of my daughters moved and left her locked in an abandoned apartment. She was 12 weeks old. She was there three days before my daughter heard her and climbed over the balcony and through a broken window. She was going to take her to a shelter but Daisy was very poorly so I took her, got her to the vets and spent over $1000 getting her better. She’s just turned two last month and she’s adorable 😊

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      2. The vet asked what I’d do if the previous owners turned up and wanted her back. I said they could get the police and explain to them and me exactly why they were all on my doorstep. I hope karma pulls a good ‘un out of the hat for them!

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    1. She’s a bitsa! I do know her mum was a dachshund but Dad is an unknown quantity. I think the mum was a mix too. There’s definitely Hack Russell in there. She was a rescue but we know she came from the same place as my daughters dog originally.


      1. Rescues are always the best. Saving a life and all!!! I heard they euthanize sometimes when not adopted 😯😯 I guess your little darling is a little cutie rather than a big dude for. The breed? It is fabulous you have that addition to the family. Pets make a house a home. I have a kittie that I adore.

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      2. I’m way more of a cat person, I love cats but I won’t part with Daisy! Milo is ‘im indoors dog, he’s a fat farting beagle who is utterly dominated by Daisy! She’s a menace!


      3. Haha😁😂😋 got to love the kittie cats! Mine follows me everywhere. She is such a cutie. Can’t even use the bathroom without leaving the door ajar! It is quite humiliating 😂🤣😆

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      4. Oh I know! George used to either sit in my knickers or jump on my lap. He had to be held like a baby and I had to sing rock a bye baby or he’d sulk and start knocking glasses off the coffee table etc. He had me well trained!


      5. It is always the opposite with cats. They train you!!! I just love their selfish nature. It is so raw and natural. It makes me giggle. Especially when they do the things they know are naughty just for attention!!

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    1. People nagging me to write a book is what started me on the blogging! I truly would t know where to start with a book. I used to be great at composition in school where they give you a choice of titles and you had to write a story – but I don’t know how I’d start otherwise!

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  1. Like the saying ” Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away ” Daisy is one smart cookie!!

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