My Recommended Blog of the Day 04/29/18.

Having created a way to recognise blogs that entertain, me, move me and make me think I now have the incredibly hard part of choosing which to nominate.

As a recap, this is not bound by any rules. It doesn’t require the recipient to do anything. Its just something from me to you that’s a heartfelt and sincere appreciation of the entertainment, enlightenment and empathy I’ve come to expect.

I intend posting these recommendations twice a week. If anyone wants to reblog please feel free. My intention is to shout from the rooftops how much I love my recommendations!!

My recommended blog for today is GTFO Now

I have to be honest. I wish this blog and others like it didn’t exist. I wish there was no need for them but sadly, there is and it’s incredibly important to me to share this resource.

Abuse is real. It’s awful, it’s segregating. It’s lonely. At one time or another we ALL know someone who is being abused. It may even be you. People need to know what to do, how to cope, how to fight the indoctrination that it’s all their fault.

Blogs like this are invaluable. If you don’t need it then Thank God – but bookmark it all the same. At some point, we’ll all know someone we will want to share this information with.

Thank you for reading, following and sharing this blog. You could save a life. It could have been mine.

12 thoughts on “My Recommended Blog of the Day 04/29/18.

  1. Thanks for the recommendation – went over to read the blog – it’s awful that people have to take those types of steps to protect themselves from people that they at one time cared for, I now fear.

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