Heated Conversation??


Being of unsound mind and body I decided to clear out some kitchen cupboards. I found my old two slice black toaster so left it on the counter because I’m going to give it to my son.

My black handbag is also in the counter.

On my way to get dressed to go shopping I remembered to put my phone in my bag…

The moral of this story is never buy a bag and toaster that look alike. That is NOT how you manage pop ups on your phone.

I have also switched to a brown bag as I have no appliances it matches.

31 thoughts on “Heated Conversation??

    1. I am in my Red Period. All kitchen and other aspects, phone cases, note, holders, etc. are also in red. It used to be black. I kept on losing things in plain sight, and oddly I have a poor memory for the colors of things. Red Things are easier to find, correct? Until everything is in red, then I will probably go into my Green Period.

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      1. I once stuck my cellphone to my back pocket and forgot all about it until i needed to pee and let the phone drop inside the bowl when i was undressing. It even let out a few bubbles while it drowned.

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