Give a dog a bone..

Daisy is in disgrace. At least that’s MY version! In hers she’s a total badass!!

We went out for a walk a little while ago, it’s a nice evening, a little chilly for my liking but we walked on the sunny side of the street to try and get the best out of it. This is the opposite side to the side we live in so there were new smells, different trees to sniff, different dandelions to pee on. I’m sure when your legs are only 4” long it’s like a whole new country!

We were having a lovely little saunter down the street – I actually wore a dress today! The legs saw daylight! I wasn’t totally happy about that, my legs are still chalk white so I’ll be spending the rest of this week trying to catch a bit of color. Thankfully I did at least shave them. Locks of Love were truly grateful for the donation and I’m just glad I no longer look like a Mountain Troll.

So we were walking through the historical district (a bit of a grand term for such a small town but it sounds good!) As we were walking past the old graveyard I met someone that used to work for me so we stopped and had a lovely chat for five minutes. Daisy was quiet, not pulling or yapping or anything annoying like she usually does so it was very pleasant.

I was in the middle of explaining why I had left the company when he said “uh oh”

I don’t know about your world but in mine – nothing good ever follows an uh oh!

I turned to see what he was looking at and there was my little dog. Daisy. Digging. In A Graveyard.

I was mortified. She actually managed quite a hole. It was deeper than her. The temptation to cover her over DID cross my mind I’ll admit!

I said a very hasty goodbye and dragged her off at breakneck speed. We actually walked another mile down to the lake which meant I now had a two mile uphill walk home! Heavens to Betsy! Punishing her backfired on me worse!

Oh and we walked back on the OTHER side of the street!

28 thoughts on “Give a dog a bone..

  1. Ah, ha ha ha ha haaaahh! Heavens to Daisy! I don’t know why you ladies obsess about your legs. The Boss is still hung up on an episode of _Thirtysomething_ from the 80s wherein the husband was turned off by the wife’s stubbly legs. That artificial moment STILL carries more weight with The Boss than my 20+ years of protestations & assurances that, in the moment, under the sheets, the way her legs feel is the VERY LAST thing on my mind! 😂💟💜.

    Give us poor dumb husbands some credit, ladies! When you bed us, it’s not your unshaven legs we’re worried about, it’s staying hard long enough to satisfy you before we blow our loads that we’re focused on! And if any 35+ male says something different, HE’S A FOOL or a LIAR!

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