The Many Uses of Lipstick – Or The Price of Revenge…

It’s Thursday so time for a throwback to a time when, well, I may NOT have been the perfect little angel I am now…

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

You know how it is with serendipity don’t you?!

Once I filed for divorce, my ex, Farquhar Barstardcelot, morphed into an even more complete bastard. He has this marvelous idea that I should stay home and look after the kids while he did his studly thing fornicating around the web and then we should get back together in 10-15 years – once the kids have left home.

Can anyone say go forth and multiply?!

Honestly, if I’d known he could be that funny before I filed.. yeah NO!

Farquhar had pulled stunts that are beyond audacious but – every dog has it’s day and it was mine.

The kids had a play date AT SOMEONE ELSES HOUSE! Not mine for once and holy debit cards – I could go shopping! On my own!! No flippin’ ankle-snappers!

I had a lovely time, no whining, no tale-telling.. no losing kids and for…

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6 thoughts on “The Many Uses of Lipstick – Or The Price of Revenge…

  1. I love the action! Bravo👏👏 But, why oh why did you do that to an innocent tube of Estee? I have a tiny little hurt place in my heart for that lost soldier.

    I have some favorite G/PG swear words that I use since I don’t speak Babylonian or Swahili..
    “Jiminy Cricket” or “Jiminy Cricket on a motorscooter”
    “Sunny Beach”
    “What in the Hello Kitty…”

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