Pop Rocks Part.. Number Two..

And here we are again. Throw Back Thursday.. Where has this week GONE?! We’re rapidly sliding into July and all the fun that goes with the 4th – I can’t wait! While we’re waiting, I hope you enjoy this tale of mayhem at Casa Del Britchy!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

You’d think I’d be banned from buying pop rocks after the Beirut Buns Incident but no.. So, as you’d expect, I bought more!

I couldn’t think what to do with them. It was a little upsetting. No kids at home at the moment, it’s just me and ‘im indoors. And the animals. The two cats. Specifically Prader Willi and HellBoy.

Both cats are indoors only. Both were from feral mothers and both have FIV. They have a very pampered life and frankly, the fat little porkers are severely obese (but we don’t say that out loud as it hurts ‘im indoors feelings)

Pop Rocks.

It’s a challenge at times to get these two sedentary shit machines to exercise. The laser pen, bits of string, wind up mice… even my blood curdling screams barely get them to raise an eye lid. This is particularly upsetting as I’m very proud of my…

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7 thoughts on “Pop Rocks Part.. Number Two..

  1. Right!

    Britchy, l think l have it sussed now Game on – You Name it is now officially launched, you had it from the start, some didn’t, and in truth it was confusing even me as l wrote the rules – but it is now launched and because you like it, l have revamped it slightly an extra blogger to nominate, a full set of 19 questions not missing two – so blog along! 🙂


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