Pop Rocks Part.. Number Two..

You’d think I’d be banned from buying pop rocks after the Beirut Buns Incident but no.. So, as you’d expect, I bought more!

I couldn’t think what to do with them. It was a little upsetting. No kids at home at the moment, it’s just me and ‘im indoors. And the animals. The two cats. Specifically Prader Willi and HellBoy.

Both cats are indoors only. Both were from feral mothers and both have FIV. They have a very pampered life and frankly, the fat little porkers are severely obese (but we don’t say that out loud as it hurts ‘im indoors feelings)

Pop Rocks.

It’s a challenge at times to get these two sedentary shit machines to exercise. The laser pen, bits of string, wind up mice… even my blood curdling screams barely get them to raise an eye lid. This is particularly upsetting as I’m very proud of my blood curdling screams!


I had three packets of pop rocks and the urge to sin – so I went forth in search of inspiration and found.. The cat litter box.

The two lazy arses were sleeping so I poured the pop rocks on top of the litter and went on my merry way.

A couple of hours later, after ‘im indoors returned from another day at the salt mines and fed the two behemoths.

Naturally food and drink IN-gested has to be OUT-gested!

Prader Willi took his happy ass through to the litter box… next thing we heard was him scrabbling litter everywhere in an effort to get out of the cat box! He flew into the living room, puffed up to twice the size he normally is and ran straight under a corner table. ‘im indoors was a little stunned but carried on watching TBBT for the 97 MILLIONTH time.

I think the excitement weakened poor HellBoy’s bladder so off he trundled like a wonky shopping trolley.

He’s way more vocal than PeeDubs. He’s fatter too so we had the full length version of the song of his people while he liberally encrusted the laundry room with litter trying to squeeze his gallon ass out of the quart sized cat box opening.

So, ‘im indoors in all his wisdom, decided the cat litter must need scooping or something.

He meandered off to the laundry room. Scoop in hand he squatted down to the revolting job – and this is guess work on my part but I’m assuming he dolloped done wet litter on top of some unexploded pop rocks…

The last thing he expected was fizzy fecals!

With an almighty roar of “Jesus H Christ” he threw himself backwards, overbalanced, bashed his head on the washing machine and sat down smack dab in a puddle of piddle and soggy litter.

PS: He thinks we may have bought a defective batch of cat litter so apparently, we’re not buying litter at Walmart again!!

PPS: Pop rocks are a versatile little pastime aren’t they? Who would ever have guessed they good be so multipurpose?!

PPPS: I’m still not banned from buying them. Watch this space!!

23 thoughts on “Pop Rocks Part.. Number Two..

  1. oh dear that has made me laugh, I think my cats would have a meltdown and I would have to be clearing everything up all the way from the untility room to the lounge I would expect!!!, I would love to have been a fly on the wall in your house with all that happening, my cats are house cats too and come from the rspca so they are thoroughly spoilt too, love the picture and what unusual names where did they originate from?

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    1. I am good/diabolical at cat names depending on your perspective. Before we moved to our current house we lived in a very rural area and we had a lot of feral cats which I had to feed. I named most of them. There was Scabs, Kitler, Pussolini, Saddam Pussein and Spitz to name just a few! Hellboy was a nightmare kitty for climbing walls. Not many homes have claw marks in the plaster so I guess we’re lucky lol
      PeeDubs will eat anything. He eats jalapeños for crying out loud. He got the name honestly!

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      1. oh my word, well done you for looking after all these cats, great names, my two had theirs given to them Topaz and Ruby and they were the last of a litter and named after precious stones (as if you couldn’t guess!!!) I will pop up some pictures of mine at some point, love reading your posts

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      2. I had George too who was so called because Hellboy used to pick him up as a kitten and just cuddle and lick him. He was named because of the Daffy Duck cartoon where the abominable snowman wants to “kiss him, and hug him and call him George”. Sadly my most beloved cat of all time died last June at the age of three from kidney cancer. I miss him dreadfully. I adored him more than I can say

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      3. So sad when that happens I dread the day when that time comes 😱 thought it was going to happen a few years ago as topaz has a heart murmur and now he is diabetic so injections twice a day and now ruby is being monitored because she has lost a lot of weight but all tests and scans were normal so on very high protein diet so 🤞 when I get her weighed next week

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  2. This is the most genious way to prank a fat, lazy cat! I have a very large, round heavyweight champ cat who just meows all day for food- even though she knows they only get fed once a day. she has a head way too small for her body haha! I think she would die if I put pop rocks in her litter box! Thank you for the entertainment!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Bitchin’ in the Kitchen and commented:

    And here we are again. Throw Back Thursday.. Where has this week GONE?! We’re rapidly sliding into July and all the fun that goes with the 4th – I can’t wait! While we’re waiting, I hope you enjoy this tale of mayhem at Casa Del Britchy!!


  4. Fricking awesome!!! i am still laughing my socks offf at the rocks proff!

    Well done Madam la britchy l bow deeply and salute at the same time.

    Briiliant stuff!

    Reminds me of the time one of my cats ate a chilli pepper!!!

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  5. That is SO BRILLIANT. I would’ve never thought to put pop rocks in the litter box, but that’s hysterical! I might have to spook my cats the next time I head to the store…

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