Eavesdropping in Georgia..

I am loving being in Georgia!!*

Some of the stuff people say is downright hilarious. Princess PITA and I were just in Target and there were two women in there. I was listening them seriously bitching out another woman and saying ‘Bless her heart’ as if to negate the shade throwing that followed.

Apparently she goes to funerals dressed like a hussy – her trousers were so tight they could see her religion. I was having a desperate time trying not to laugh out loud! She didn’t even take a casserole because she’s mean apparently.. That’s what I’m taking from she squeezes a quarter so tight the eagle screams anyhow! I seriously love Southern creativity. If ever I had a spiritual home I can guarantee it’s South of the Mason-Dixon. The killer though – and the one that gave away the fact I was listening all I could was when one said to the other ‘Y’all know she cain’t help it. She has EPPP-IL- LEPPPSAAA (epilepsy?) …she couldn’t catch a cow while it was being milked’

I nearly fell out of my flip flops I burst out laughing so hard! Their heads snapped back so fast they were like turkeys getting their necks broke for Thanksgiving (this shit is catching – Bless my heart)

I had to say I just loved their expressions so the conversation started about my English accent. Thank God I still have one.

I was pardoned for living among the Godless in NY because me and mine hadn’t taken part in The War Of Northern Aggression and the fact I love the South and that I want to move away from the North.

I wisely didn’t say I wouldn’t be moving to Georgia! Thumper was praised as a true Southerner too so I’m pretty sure my heart wasn’t being blessed as soon as my back was turned!

I’m leaving the land of peaches tomorrow for the Tar Heel State and then reluctantly to NY probably on Monday. Have a lovely day y’all! Be sure to come back soon, don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya and Bless your hearts!!

88 thoughts on “Eavesdropping in Georgia..

  1. We lived in N.C. for years, and it took me a long time to realize Bless Your Heart was really F.U. dipped in molasses. Those southern women can rip you a new one without you even realizing you’ve been dissed. It’s wonderful!

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    1. Yeah. Born & raised in NC… “Bless your heart” is loosely translated to “you’re an idiot but Jesus still loves you”. The Bible Belt runs right thru the middle of the state. “Bless HER heart” translates as “stupid bitch”. LOL!

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  2. Reminds me of comedian Katheen Madigan saying if there’s a satan, it wouldn’t be a southern woman…no one would take it seriously. ” Ima burn your butt up here in a minute but first I’m gonna bake you a pie.”

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      1. If you really want a taste of Southern grocery shopping you have to go to the Piggly Wiggly, preferably on Henderson Drive. Ooh wee! Pickled pigs feet, chitlins, tripe and deep fried pork rinds. They have a special section marked imminent angioplasty on aisle 5…. you can’t miss it.

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  3. Ha, awesome. As a Damn Yankee (a yankee that moves and lives in the south apparently) I enjoy the banter between my friends and I concerning their accents. I’ve had people tell me “god bless you” on many occasions and I completely understand the context. I always laugh at such passive aggressive slanders. Anyway, have a safe trip Britchy.

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  4. They do say the Deep South had closer ties with the UK. In fact, during the Americal Civil War, Prime Minister Lord Palmerston wanted to send the navy to break the North’s blockade of the south but Queen Victoria prevented him, or so I’d heard.

    Someone I went to school with lives in Georgia, in Athens. If you should pass Little ole Tara, you give it my best regards.

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  5. Awwww I wish I had a southern accent and way of speaking! Because I work with kids I say “goodness!” Or “goodness gracious!” A lot but that’s about it. I do say ya’ll, though. I worked with a girl from Texas and she said it all the time and I picked it up

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  6. Man I miss the south!!!! Yes, I’m a Fl native and YES Fl IS the south and it’s not up for debate or discussion lol. This post made me homesick. The Midwest don’t know about “bless your heart” (or at least I haven’t heard it in the 5yrs I’ve been here).

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  7. I was borne in the south, spent 2 years each in California, New Jersey and Germany and traveled to Bejing China and points beyond for days and weeks at a time, as well as many spots south of the equater. Only Boliva kicked my Southern ass, because of the S. American Indian accents that were present. As Southern borne, I bear the responsibility to butcher any language I can learn. So far, French, Italien, German, with some Portugese, with a tiny bit of English thrown in. (There have been times, I have mixed all into the same sentence, wherein the listener turned their head just like a Puppy.)
    However, I do not believe that I am responsible for anything that happened before my conception, and will not apologize for my old Southern ass, nor my heritage, nor my poor grammar. I will still open the door for a lady, even in New York city, and I will still attempt to defend someone that cannot defend themselves. I have met several people that sterotyped me as uneducated because of my accent or place of birth, and I can honestly say, I have and will show them that part of my body that the Sun does not normally shine on. For all Youse Guys, “I am as Fine as Frog Hair!” And, needless to say, that is mighty, mighty fine.

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    1. Lawd, I just had a flashback to my near-decade in Texas. I worked for a guy in Austin that owned a ranch outside of Abilene. He was bilingual having lived for a while in Mexico. You should have heard him speak fluent Mexican Spanish (not Castilian) with a Texan accent!

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    1. It sounds like you think I was criticizing and I wasn’t. I’m English by birth, American by choice and I have a stranger vocabulary than most! I was enjoying the expressions they were using and thoroughly amused. Language is far more fun when we own it!


  8. Love this! I have family in the South and it brought back memories of summer vacations spent with them. Now I really can’t wait for my weekly call with my Southern grandmother this evening! And I’m with you… My heart and soul longs for the South even though I live up here in the “Great White North” of Canada.

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  9. What’s interesting about ” Bless your heart.” Is that it isn’t always hateful. Sometimes it is kind. Sometimes it is confused. Sometimes it is just said because there’s nothing else to say. The trick is learning to tell the difference.
    I was raised by Southerners in the DC metro area, so it’s down deep in me, but I see the world with a wider lens.
    The absolute best part of being a Southern girl/woman? Slapping your monogram on everything you own!
    Great post! And honey, we all need Jesus now and then, 😉

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    1. Yes accents change far more dramatically in the UK! I love language, words, accents, colloquial expressions.. I love what people do with speech and when it’s as colorful, descriptive and memorable as this it deserves a wider audience than just me!

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      1. We have some UK imports where I live, now. Scottish is easy to peg. Irish, too. Brits? OY. Manchester sounds nothing like London.

        I just found out what a “dirty nappie” is three days ago. LOL!

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      2. No, thank goodness. I have a good friend that lives in Manchester. He used that term in an email and I was like “Do what?”

        He says “Two countries separated by a common language.” LOL!

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  10. I grew up in a town in Georgia like that. I actually took my daughter to McDonald’s one day, and I told her when she goes through the drive through line, they will say welcome to MAC Donald’s….lol She was like 4 at the time and cracked up laughing.

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