Milo and the Kitty Nuggets

It’s not just humans who are obsessed with sprinkles. Evidently Fat Farting Beagles are easily seduced by them too. I’ve just yelled at the Poopmeister because, as you can see, he was caught in the act. Snacking in the litter box.

Dirty little shiteater – pffft!

He has the audacity to look affronted at the accusations because he can’t see the evidence scattered on his snout. He’s now lying down and coughing up a lung after snorting crap cocaine.

What is it with the males in this house?! I’m going to have to booby trap the cat litter again.

A woman’s work is never done *sigh*

57 thoughts on “Milo and the Kitty Nuggets

  1. Hahaha my goodness but I hear that it’s a thing. Oddly, dogs appear pretty fond of horse poop too. I hear that poo eating can indicate a deficiency in their diet so when we got our female great Dane puppy and she suddenly began snacking on the other dogs poo, we started her on brewers yeast. Sure enough, she stopped! We use Nutri-vet chewable brewers yeast for dogs. May be worth a shot especially if this one likes to give ya kisses. Lol

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  2. OMG! LOL! I just read the pop rocks story…

    Milo eating cat box tootsie rolls reminds me of a friend of mine describing his Cockers’ eating habits. They wouldn’t stop eating poo. He consulted a vet for advice. The vet gave him something to put on the poo to make it taste bad. I lost it at that point. Through tears & breathing trouble, I managed to ask “HOW do you make s*** taste WORSE?” 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. The weird headache/pressure thing has definitely improved. It’s terrible when I bend down and sit/stand back up but it’s okay on sitting to standing.. having a lot more migraines than normal though so that’s annoying.

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  3. I’ve heard of this happening before. So, you are not alone. Maybe you can form a Facebook group for other survivors like you?

    I skipped the picture, and it was hilarious to read the post and then scroll back up.

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  4. hahahaha!!! I saw a similar thing once on the Internet somewhere of this picture of a cat had something smeared on its face and the caption was “I have not seen the chocolate” or something like that. And I once saw a video of this woman asking her child why he had gotten into the sprinkles. The boy denied it flat out even though he was still holding the bag of sprinkles and had sprinkles all over his face and hands.

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  5. Our shepherd used to eat out of the cat box too. We’d find cat sprinkles on her nose and we’d all go “EEEEEWW!!! POOPY BREATH!!!!!” and she had the good sense to look ashamed about it. Your friend there though doesn’t look like he’d be too ashamed by the title though, lol

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  6. Kurt eats his own poo and the cocker I had once never missed the chance to roll himself in poo,wether it was dogs,cats,horse or human… gross .i gave more bath to that dog than to my daughters. 😳

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