Be Safe, Not Sorry

Here I am, like a bad penny! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks of non stop cooking, cleaning up and stopping fights. I’m pretty sure my daughter, Princess PITA could fall out with herself if left in a room alone. I’d be a great flippin’ peace Ambassador after putting out all the ‘fires’ she started whilst here *rolls eyes*

I’m pretty sure that stress caused a lot of the horrible head pain I had over Christmas too. Fartichoke left early because of her which upset me greatly.

My last kid, Thmellyarthe, left on Tuesday and I had to drive him back to Newark International in NJ.

That wasn’t the plan but ‘im indoors was sick – obviously it was manbola and not a mere manfluenza.. I don’t know how he survived but I’m guessing family bags of Cheetos, Mountain Dew, banana muffins and Netflix are ‘germ warfare’ *rolls eyes*. Again. There’s been a lot of eye rolling here lately. I think it’s infectious. The more time I spend with family the more it happens… hmmm…

Anyway, it was a lovely sunny day for the drive so naturally I developed a raging migraine because of the glare. I got a coffee while we were at the airport and that definitely helped at the time but ultimately, was probably what sent me over the edge.

I left the airport at about 6:30pm and decided to get on the interstate before stopping for gas. I just wanted to get out of rush hour traffic ASAP. Big city airports always seem to be in slightly dodgy areas and Newark is no exception. I was in traffic downtown waiting to turn left at a light. There were two cars in front in the turn lane and I was just sitting waiting as you do.

Out of nowhere, a man started hammering on my window, pointing at the front of my car and yelling at me that my lights weren’t working and I needed to get out and look.

He was dressed in dark colors and had a beanie on and a scarf over the lower half of his face.

To say he scared the everlovin’ snot out of me is an understatement. I nearly threw up because of the Adrenalin surge. I didn’t look at him, I made sure my doors were locked and I laid on the horn until he left. I drove off as soon as I was able and kept going. I could see my lights reflecting on the car in front so I knew they weren’t out but even if they had been, I wouldn’t have stopped or got out.

Please don’t ever get out of your car for anyone.

Male or female, please drive in built up areas with your doors locked. If mine hadn’t been locked and he’d opened my door, I might not be here telling you this now.

Be safe everyone.

58 thoughts on “Be Safe, Not Sorry

      1. I agree!! I am the type of person that watches people around me. I check backseat of my car, I lock up everything. But sometimes things happen that take you by surprise. You never know how you’ll react until these things happen to you.

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  1. Newark International Airport is by far the worse as far as getting in/out of. I was just ther back in November, and I thought for sure my roommate was going tohave a nervous breakdown because it was during rush hour.
    Everything in NJ/NYC is always rush, rush, rush. *Rolling of the eyes* is something I am all too familiar with. I do that an awful lot just plain living in this state. LOL!

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    1. I had a headache, I was sad, I don’t like driving in the dark.. everything was against me to start with and I’m always aware so the fact this man snuck up on me was really scary. It was intentional as he was dressed to blend in to the night. I don’t know if he wanted to mug me, steal my car or worse or if he was just unbalanced but I’m so glad it’s instinctive for me to lock my car door when I get in. I know car doors lock automatically but I prefer to trust myself and not a wiring relay!

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      1. That’s good. Getting unsettled can take awhile to settle.

        On another note. I’ve started a show called “What’s That in Your Pants”? A few of my claw friends and I discuss different carry options, training and self defense in general.

        We are doing it every Sunday night. I know your looking at getting a Sig P229 Legion once you move to NC. Maybe it’ll help with your evolution into actual and effective defense.

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  2. 1. Glad you are alive and well. I wrote a message to you yesterday (?) via your Contact page, because I was getting anxious about you.
    2. A great cautionary tale.
    3. If there is an issue with other people’s cars, please do try and tell them.
    4. If someone tries to signal at you to tell you something is wrong, pay attention.
    5. But do NOT get out of the car for the heck of it, until you are at your destination.
    6. I wish people learned how to drive among other cars. (Is it that obvious that I have terrible road rage because of absolutely stupid and inconsiderate people?)

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  3. I find it disturbing that so many drive around with their doors unlocked. And for a time I thought it was ME and my PTSD and hypervigilance that made me lock everything and even check it twice sometimes. But I’ve NEVER felt comfortable tooling around in my car with the doors unlocked. Even up here in the sticks, I lock ’em. And your story today is a big ol’ reason why. Crazy doesn’t know location, criminally minded doesn’t know location, the latter are looking for OPPORTUNITY and when it knocks, they don’t hesitate to answer. That trick of “OMG!! Your lights aren’t working!!” is a million years old and have been stated over and over as a trick criminals use against (particularly) women alone in a car. thank GOD for cell phones, hmm? Still. My sympathies. I hope future travels in and around that area aren’t flavored by your encounter with a schmuck of the unsavory kind!

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  4. Holy crap!! Glad you survived that mess! I lived in New Jersey for 39 years, Newark has always been scary! I’m packing this weekend and cant wait to get out of this ridiculously over priced state. I’m going to miss Wegmans!😢💜

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  5. Are you sure you don’t know Suze? Is there like some kind of eye rolling convention? Next to the ‘Really??’ Seminars1

    Eyeroll …followed closely by Really, followed quickly with the smallest violin in the world playing!!

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