Name Your Poison!!

I was looking up cocktail recipes and boy some of them are complicated!! My all time favourite, a Rum Runner has more ingredients than I’ve got brain cells… fact! No wonder they’re so expensive (but yummy!)

I started thinking about creating cocktails myself and you’ll be unsurprised to know I have come up with one.

You’ll be very surprised when i tell you who it’s dedicated to though. I have invented a new cocktail and called it “The Dave”. Yes dear readers. I have named it after my ex.

Knowing my aversion to that scumbag-trailertrash-sleazebag name some of you may be surprised I’d name a cocktail thus but it’s the perfect name for my one ingredient cocktail. Tapwater also known as H2OMG,-WTF-FUBAR.*

Tapwater is just like a Dave, it’s bland, boring and full of fish piss – and eminently suitable for flushing down the toilet.. ENJOY!

*OMG ~ Oh My God

WTF ~ What The Fluff or other relevant Eff word

FUBAR ~ Fluffed Up Beyond All Reason (Alternative Eff Words allowed and possibly encouraged!)

What cocktail would YOU create?!

20 thoughts on “Name Your Poison!!

  1. Probably something sweet and endearing like oh let me think …oh that’s it “The Explosive Probater” A great drink for finally finalising the finals!

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  2. The strawberry daiquiri in the picture looks good enough right now. I was almost disappointed to read that London tap water has not, in fact, been through 7 other people’s kidneys – otherwise that seems an apt name for what you need – or ‘Ex on the Beach.’ In real life, I like a simple Tom Collins, but thinking of my Monday coming up, think I’d invent the Bloody Hairy.

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  3. A Crushed Caramel Cocktail with vermouth, caramel cream, cushed ice,r maybe some burnt sugar (like a creme brulee) on top, something a bit fruity that goes with caramel…hmm…maybe banana – oh that could be blow-torched too… served in a margarita glass and with an umbrella cocktail sticking out of it.

    The Goldfinch cocktail would be made with gin, and would have something hot, spice, chilli or tabasco. There would be some fruit, maybe mango. It would tingle on your lips and make you feel warm inside when you drank some (like a warm hug) and then leave your head spinning. It would be served in a tall hiball glass with a sparkler

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