Well – How Did THAT Happen?!

Weird things I’ve rehomed

… or misappropriated if you believe in the police report fairy..

In my defence, it was justifiable retribution! Details will follow after I double check the statute of limitations and the fifth amendment.

•The HT leads off a Ford tractor (Ireland)

•Several car aerials (all from bastards)

•Garden gnomes (postcards were sent)

•Roadworks signs

•False teeth

•A curb chain from a Grenadier Guards bearskin (although I did feel a bit bad for that as he got 28 day’s restriction of privileges)

•A chicken out of the oven (cooked and still hot!)

•A stethoscope

•Several thermometers

•An airline blanket

•Three traffic cones (at different times obviously – they’re heavy!)

•A plastic model of a womb

You have to wonder about some people don’t you?!

18 thoughts on “Well – How Did THAT Happen?!

  1. My dad always called in *pilfering*. I called it *liberating* or *borrowing*.

    Model of a plastic womb and false teeth…plastic fascination or, were you building a body?


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