The Most Important People In The World.

Have you ever noticed how news sites and other media malarkey is full of *big* people?

People the world considers “important”?

Have you ever met anyone famous? Were you in awe?


What have they done for you?

I’m grateful everyday for the “little” people in my life. People who aren’t rich. Aren’t famous. Aren’t super clever or influential. People who just make me feel good every time I see them.

There’s a guy at my local Wegmans. His name is Peter. He brings the carts in from the parking lot. Minimum wage, out in all weathers, dealing with all the people who are too “important” to return carts or take out candy wrappers they chuck in there. You know who I mean. People who probably don’t even notice my little guy. (He’s actually quite a bit taller than me but then, so are most people. Stop interrupting!)

I’ve seen him out there on sweltering hot days, in pouring rain, snow, wind.. I’ve seen him with frost on his moustache and his hair wet with exertion. He’s always smiling. He rushes to help people, he takes such a pride in being trusted to do a good job. He beams when he sees me and comes rushing over to help me load my car. I nag him to drink water in summer and dress warmly in winter. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our little quick chats. He’s offered to help me when he’s been about to go for his break or to go home. Truthfully- a trip to Wegmans is flat if I don’t see my little pal. He always makes me feel important. He’s important to me because he brightens my days.

He makes me think of all the other people I look forward to. Several of the cashiers in Wegmans are also a pure pleasure. I feel a surge of joy when I see them at the desk when I’m checking out. Then there’s people at the library, in my bank- I love going to my bank. The staff are the best ever! The school crossing guard near my house, the lovely waitresses at our local Denny’s who are always so delightful. Truthfully, we go back because of them, not the food. Even the toll guard at my local throughway exit is always smiling and telling me to be careful and have fun. Seeing them makes my day brighter. As do all of you here for me too.

Thank you for being a bright spot in my life. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought me. You make each day special.

Big people don’t change the world but little people do every day.

One heart at a time.

57 thoughts on “The Most Important People In The World.

  1. Does Peter follow your blog? What a beautiful post!!💕 All the employees at my Wegmans are very nice especially the hot guy at the meat counter who sometimes does samples! When ever they do the barbecue pulled pork in the crockpot he always gives me two!😂😂

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    1. Oh I have! I make a point of telling people when I’m impressed by them. When I was working in staffing I would hand out my business cards and tell people I loved their work ethic and if they wanted a change to call me. It served two purposes, it made their day and it made my job easy peasy!!

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      1. Oh nice! That’s such a great thing to do! 🙂 Over the summer, while I was a nanny for a little 3-year-old, we would be at the library hanging out and three different people offered me jobs while I was there lol it TOTALLY made my day!

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  2. I absolutely adore everything about this post! I love those little relationships we build with the “little” people we see frequently! In addition to fam and friends, those are the most precious and sacred!
    Peter makes your day just by being in it! I suspect most people look right past him. Those people are missing out (and are also idiots…but that’s a different comment)
    Thank you, Britchy, for reminding me celebrate all the “little” people in my world! ❤

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  3. I had the following on my bulletin board for years: “The person who is nice to you but is not nice to the waiter, is NOT a nice person.” I never trust anyone who ignores or mistreats the ‘everyday’ people in our lives. I loved every single word of this post. Thank you so much…❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Awwwww Britchy! Now, this is a feel-good post if there ever was one. Man, you made my heart melt with this one.

    Have you ever thought that one of the reasons why Peter, and the cashiers and even your toll person have smiles for you is because you have smiles for them? You give love so you get love. Tonnes of it; and I’m not surprised.

    You’re a sweetheart, Britchy, I can tell. I know you leave a ray of sunshine each time you comment on my posts. 💕

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  5. This was really a delight! I enjoy it when a team can make someone’s day. And I also enjoy that special team member who can always put a smile on other’s faces simply by being themselves. It is so nice of you to have picked up on Peter, his team, and the one at the bank. You would have been a customer that I hugged because I remember hugging customers who brought in compliments of my staff. So… please feel the *hug* now because you deserve it because you are being really sweet by noticing and reporting their good services.

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  6. Nice post, sweetie. It’s a great reminder of our everyday encounters with normal folks. Thank you.

    I’ve met some “rock stars” & some actors/actresses. Some were very nice & really appreciated their fans. They had level heads & new they had a “job”. Some were complete jerks…full of themselves & indifferent or rude to fans. They are just people.

    I will say that I am in total awe of musicians that can, literally, go into a recording studio & play all the instruments, laying down all the tracks and producing a song all by themselves like an entire group. Prince (RIP) was a good example.

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  7. I long ago overcame my awe of the famous and/or rich. Lived in NYC for two years and ran into famous people regularly. You get used to it after a bit. But it took me longer to put them in a separate box where they needed to earn my respect.

    I love this post as I’ve come to appreciate the hard working people around me who rarely get acknowledgement for what they do. In these tough times, I’ve come to pay more attention to the kindness of strangers.

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  8. Me too. The talking heads on TV or the overinflated Egos in LA LA land do not impress. The person on the street, or in the store, stopping to help someone else or just smile at them. This world is too big to love everyone, but I can damn sure appreciate and love the people I come into contact with. Except Luther. He is a pain in the ass.

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  9. Great post. It really IS the people you see every day, running your errands, that can make life EXTRA special. We have a great grocery called HEB. You’d think they were all being paid a million bucks to work there. Cheers to all the Peters!!!

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  10. I just remembered Alex from target, someone tweeted about him and he blew up on the internet people were lining up to served at his checkout point in Target, maybe you should email this article to the management if you havent already or print it out and stick to their noticeboard ha! I totally would..
    But yeah the most important people in the world arent the big names that come to your mind when you think who are the most important people and there’s nothing like someone noticing the effort you put and the lil thankless things that one does to make other people feel special

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