My Week So Far..

Monday was spent in the ER. A bit of a saga but I came home with a headache after the flight from Ireland on Tuesday last week. The first couple of days I was calling it Over Tiredness and Jet Lag. There’s no one who can make an excuse not to see a doctor better than me. It’s a very weird headache. If I lie still I can talk, eat, read, watch tv … anything but move. Every time I moved it was excruciating but if I stayed still, no problem. Nuts huh?!

So by Sunday I was thinking maybe I need to go to the doctor. That’s how bad it was. I glanced in a mirror and nearly squealed with fright because both my eyes were bloodshot (one still is, the others improving a bit) So Monday I phoned the Doctor who sent me straight to ER. Long story short, they gave me some crap through a drip, couldn’t do a Cat Scan with contrast because I had a funky reaction last time and couldn’t do an MRI because I’d flip out. They wanted to check for little aliens in my head. I’m pretty sure there’s no aliens, they only look for intelligent life! They’re scheduling an open MRI though. I was due to have the shoulder MRI but o had to cancel that as it was in a different hospital so I won’t be seeing the Bolshevik surgeon for that tomorrow (There is a God!) This means I have longer for making my ‘colluding with the Russians’ jokes before the next elections so win/win

Tuesday I knew I had to Get Shit Done. I was knocked out most of Monday but when I did finally wake up I was a little bit naughty. Nothing REALLY BAD… you know how angelic I am really..

I made chocolate cupcakes late Monday night and had leftover frosting. If I’d calculated how much I needed better this wouldn’t have happened so the fault is firmly Sister Brigid. Yeah Bitch! If you taught me Maths properly instead of being a wimple wearing psycho NONE OF THIS WOULDA HAPPENED! ISO as stated I had leftover frosting. Not a lot, just a few tablespoons but I wasn’t going to eat it as I’m currently chocolate averse. I had a little think – then squeezed the leftover frosting into the kitchen sink “artistically”

‘im indoors walked in to the kitchen Tuesday morning. Bleary eyes, neanderthallish (is that a word? Well it is now) and saw the frosting in the sink.

“Jesus H Christ. One of the cats has crapped in the damn sink” ( he’s not a morning person)

I walked over, stuck my finger in it and licked it and said ” I think it was Chunks”

He was gagging like a good ‘un and I have to say, I’m a little put off by the volume of profanity that man can utter in less than a minute whilst trying not to puke.

Wednesday – watch this space! My headache is back though so watch it with a handful of Advil please!

68 thoughts on “My Week So Far..

    1. Funnily enough my dad’s on warfarin too! I did have a cat scan but without contrast so (apparently) all but useless. I think they pretty much ruled debt but it was definitely considered in light of all my recent travel and extensive blood work was done to rule out Ebola etc!

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  1. NOW I know why you wrote the post you did yesterday (about appreciating the little people). You think you’re dying and are trying to make up for all the bad things you’ve done, so that you can go to heaven after all.
    But seriously, I do hope you get better soon! Well wishes!
    Great prank, btw.

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      1. Well it is nearly my ‘name’ birthday! When my ex left me I changed my name back to my maiden name. In England you have to pay to do this, either by deed poll or statutory declaration (both at a solicitors office so £££)
        I changed it on 10/31 so much he kids declared Halloween was henceforth my official birthday!

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    1. I’m American too (now!) and I think I’m hilarious! I think it was lack of caffeine on his part, he’s like the walking dead before he has his coffee. I’m pretty sure if Darwin had seen 20th century man first thing in the morning, we’d have a whole ‘nuther theory of evolution

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  2. I had no caffeine for the past two days because the outside security lights have water in the electrics and they are on the same circuit as everything in my kitchen…so I am sympathising with him slightly. Not to take away from your prankster genius!
    The electrician is coming on Friday. I have decided to move my Nespresso machine into my bedroom so I can have coffee tomorrow.

    As someone who has had killer head pain ever since my head injuries three years ago I am very empathetic about what you are going through. I hope they help you soon. I have found sometimes that that pain in my head has meant I was absolutely written off for the day. I like to be active and busy but pain in the head is a bully that really forces you at times to stay still and not move an inch. You just have to give in and rest when the pain is intense.

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  3. Kind of a shame the little aliens are unlikely, at least that would explain things. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so rough and I’d be pretty freaked out seeing bloodshot eyes too so I’m glad you got checked out! Also good to hear the aliens haven’t stolen your sense of humour with the frosting/cat crap gag. If I could send Advil your way I would (especially in exchange for frosting, I love frosting way more more than I love the cakes).

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    1. And, I hate typing on this damn stupidphone…

      Sorry for the headache. Related to cabin pressure, maybe? I ask because it wasn’t long ago that I heard a report of a foreign airline (Indian? Malaysian?) where the pilots forgot to properly pressurize the cabin and folks were bleeding from their noses & eyes. Flying in a sardine can is not always conducive to a human body.

      My father used to say that…”if god had intended me to fly, I would have wings…”

      Hope you feel better.

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  4. 😂😂😂😂how does your husband not automatically assume it’s you? I swear, men never learn. Hope you feel better! And I hope you won’t have to beat down any doctors, I KNOW how sketchy they can be! Hospitals and doctors—none of it is any fun

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    1. Yup, I’m a bit of a bully when it comes to doctors. I do not do the Respect Mah Authoritaaaaah thingy and I’m, well, frankly, I openly make fun of them so they either love me or hate me. Usually the latter! As for ‘im indoors. He’s a prime example of why Pavlov chose dogs… jus’ sayin’…

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      1. Hahahahahaha, too true! And I can’t blame you one bit for poking at the doctors. You gotta find which ones are know-it-alls and which ones are human, that way you know what kind of care you’re getting

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  5. Oh no,so you were housebound with headache too?sorry and glad is gone now but I must tell,even if I m not suppose to laugh over other misadventures,I had a great deep giggle reading your post🤷🏻‍♀️🤪

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