Give A Little, Get A Lot

After my Mother’s Day post I just wanted to finish my thoughts. My mum was a complicated woman. She lived a very black and white life when truthfully, life is just many shades of grey. She made life hard for herself and others but ultimately I think she hurt herself most of all. I have a great deal of pity for her, I think she wanted things to be different but lacked the personal insight to face her demons and change things. She lost out a lot as a result.

I know I’m like her in many ways. We shared a love of pranks for one. We both have done all we can to help others. We both love music.

Alzheimer’s ran through her family like a racehorse. Both her parents, her and her one of her two brothers all died of it, the other died young. She had only just retired and started to enjoy life when the evil disease made its presence felt. I know she had so much more she wanted to do and see but she ran out of time.

I’m deathly afraid of Alzheimer’s but I intend to have no regrets -whether I’ll know that then or not. Regrets for me aren’t so much places I won’t have been but opportunities I’ve missed. We have the option every day to change someone else’s life. A smile, reaching for a can in a supermarket. A short conversation. No act of kindness is ever wasted.

Some times it may seem unappreciated but therein lies the magic. Love – and kindness defy the laws of maths. Sharing usually means you have less. Give away a slice of cake, you have less. That’s pretty incontestable.

Love and Kindness defy the laws of maths. Given that I detest math that’s a huge bonus for me! The more you give, the more you get. It’s limitless. The universe may have boundaries but goodwill and compassion never will.

We all should love each day as if it’s our last. Slow to anger, quick to forgive and always saying I love you. Smile, be kind. What it all boils down to is love.

It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways. It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But when you can choose to be kind… Be kind.

32 thoughts on “Give A Little, Get A Lot

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience of your mother. I think it can be really hard to pity a parent. It’s so difficult to see the pain they cause themselves in the way you describe, and how much of life they miss out on, and be helpless to do anything about it. “No act of kindness is ever wasted” – you’re so right. A really beautiful, poignant post.

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    1. Trying to understand someone else is very therapeutic. When you can accept WHY they (may) have been as they were it takes a lot of the sting out of the pain they caused. You realise it wasn’t your fault, you were just ‘there’

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  2. Thanks for sharing your insights into a difficult person. I don’t know that I pity my mom, but it saddens me that she chose unhappiness and anger her whole life. There were times when I was on that path, but then she became the negative example – I don’t want to be like her.

    All reminders to be kind and loving are appreciated. You are wonderful!💕

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  3. ABSOLUTELY!🙌 My mother is still here. She lives about a mile from me and we see each other only 5-6 times a year. She’s stuck in her unhappiness and resentments. It’s sad but I can’t fix it. I give her what I can.
    Kindness and love is where I live. I want laughter and kindness, so I give out what I want given back. It’s simple and it’s satisfying.💌

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