Well, Son of A Beech…

Swearing or NOT Swearing – A Load Of Old Shit? I over heard a child swearing in Wegmans today. I really should thank Wegmans sometime. There’s a large portion of my posts that exist solely because of interactions therein!

Anyway. The little boy must’ve been about two. He was sitting in the cart while his mum shopped and he dropped his lolly and promptly exclaimed “Well, fuckit”

Some of you are probably smirking because kids swearing always sounds funny.

Some of you are thinking “Fuck, was I in Wegmans today?”

Some of you are pursing your lips and thinking “oh how disgusting”

So who is right and who is wrong?

How is ‘shut the front door’ better than ‘shut the fuck up’?

Words are just that.


Intent is everything. There’s no difference between which words you choose if your intent is mean. ‘Bless your heart’ is the equivalent of a curse in some conversations.

Not using profanity in front of kids is good – or is it?

How is saying ‘Fuckit’ in front of adults different to saying ‘fudge’ in front of kids?

You’re still teaching them to use epithets regardless of if it’s considered profanity or not.

If the intent on using ANY word as an epithet is there, it’s the same thing.

Which ever adjective you decide on is your choice to make. Whether it’s shit, sugar or a foreign language equivalent you’re still teaching your kid the same lesson.

Food for thought.

38 thoughts on “Well, Son of A Beech…

  1. lol – I am a princess! I would not let a curse word/swear word leave my lips.

    When I was at primary school some girls threatened me with assault if I did not say the words they wanted me to. I refused to telling them my parents wouldn’t want me to and I didn’t want to either. I was punched in the face and kicked in the shins so hard.

    Anyway, I think they realized after that incident that I was no scared, I was not intimidated and I cared little for their opinion…because they all started to be nicer to me and I started being asked to go for tea at their homes and play with them after school.

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  2. Okies so I kind of had this convo last night with one of the kids I nanny. I asked her to call one of the dogs inside because, just like the kids some days, he had stopped listening to my commands. She told him to get it “dang butt inside” although I’m pretty sure she said damn. Anyway, I know her parents are not ok with that but she’s 14 and she wants to be able to speak the same as her friends. She said it wasn’t even a bad word she said and I said I know (if it was dang cos I say it all the time) but she is a intelligent and well read woman and she knows so many other words to use instead. Because now that she’s getting older, people will remember their first interaction with her language and she needs to be aware of that. I wanted to add “even more so because you are a woman of colour” since I know her mom probably would have but I didn’t.

    But when I was younger, when I said “crap” for the first time and didn’t get in trouble – OOHHHH the power!!!!! Hahahaha

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  3. “Intent is everything.” I totally agree. I even wrote a post on that a while back.
    The thing is that a lot of adults are stupid. Err… they choose to be ignorant, or denial, etc. If they don’t hear the wrong words, everything is OK. In the professional world “fudge” is acceptable, “fck” not so much. Hence, parents teach kids to say the former more than the latter.
    Having said that, I think the kid will be very successful in life. Saying “Well, fck it” is much better than crying up a storm. It shows that he can just let things be and does not need others to help him with every little thing.

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  4. Bahahaha!!! Sometimes swearing just feels soooo good!! Fuck is one of my favorite words!! “Silence You Peasant,” is great!! I might start using that one myself! And “Shit A Moose, shit a moose, can you have a mango?” made me almost fall out of my chair laughing!!!!

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  5. Excellent! I was told, by my mother, who liked to ’embroider’ her stories to make ’em a bit more interesting, that at the tender age of maybe two or so, I dropped the “f-bomb’ in front of a group of church ladies my mother had over for brunch. I had no idea what I said of course, but I BET I laughed at the looks on the faces of those at the brunch. And I also bet my mother’s face was beet red because it was she that taught me that one. She could swear like a sailor. Not that sailors necessarily have potty mouth of course. 😐

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  6. Love it!

    When I was a kid, NO ONE censored themselves. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Deadwood, then you know what it was like to spend an afternoon at my house; Deadwood, or Cops, only without all the bleeping.

    Anyway, we were told the words were “bad” and we weren’t to use them, which only made them more appealing and so we used them every chance we got.

    Now that I’m a mother, I have made a very concerted effort not to swear in front of my son….because I recall vividly the way strangers experienced me as a kid, when I was running around the playground shouting, “Ready or not, here I come, mother-f*ckers!” 🙄

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  7. My favorite swear has always been “Jiminy Cricket on a motorscooter” I absolutely agree that intent is more important than the words themselves. I like to be creative though. Silence you peasant is perfect for my house😂

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  8. Oh, I can and do swear like a sailor quite often, but I know where I can and cannot do that and with whom. They say those who use cuss words are more intelligent and creative. I guess that means I am a highly intelligent and creative person. 🙂

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